Republicans did not watch the Hearings they Participated In.


There is a delightful scene in the Star Trek parody movie “Galaxy Quest” when the main characters, who are mistaken for real space explorers by an alien race that has shaped their culture on reruns of their old sci-fi show, encounter a small group of aliens on a mining planet.

The Sigourney Weaver character thinks the aliens are cute and wants to meet with them. The Sam Rockwell character, knowing that no good can come of this from playing a “red shirt” extra that is killed in one of the old episodes,  immediately pulls Weaver back and looks at the other actors asking “Did you guys ever watch the show?”


The Trump Zone Cult Residents masquerading as Republican Committee Members on the House Intelligence Committee demonstrated yesterday (December 2, 2019) that they were not watching or paying attention to the Impeachment Inquiry Hearings they were a part of last month.

They released a 123-page report of their perspective of the hearings and their opinions that peddled the same Big Lies Republicans and Individual One have been regurgitating for months.

They apparently did not consider one actual fact or aspect of witness testimony from the last two weeks.

The current incarnation of the Republican Party, a sorry lot whose members by a majority vote in a recent survey think Mr. Trump is a better President than Lincoln, has shown again that is has deteriorated into an alternative reality cult that one would find in most dictatorships around the world and in history.

Democrats, Independents, and those Republicans that have not drunk the Trump-branded Kool-Aid need to persevere and stand up for the Constitution, the rule of law, the Republic, and the Democratic principles that made this country “the shining city on a hill” for other nations to look to and aspire to be.



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David Gordon
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