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News that you will never see in the Arizona Daily Star (“All the news that Jim Click says is fit to print”), because its political reporters only publish GOP press releases as “news.” Got to keep our advertisers happy.

Press release from the Ron Barber campaign:

More Than 100 Southern Arizona Republicans Endorse Ron Barber
Republican Leaders Stand With Ron at Kick Off of Southern Arizona Values Tour

Tucson, AZ — Today more than 100 Southern Arizona Republicans endorsed Ron Barber as the best leader to represent Arizona’s Second Congressional District, including former elected officials, business owners, and veterans. Republican leaders stood with Ron Barber this afternoon at the launch of his 2014 Southern Arizona Values Tour at his campaign headquarters in Tucson.


The Republican leaders endorsing Ron includes former Arizona State Representative Peter Hershberger, former Tucson mayor Bob Walkup, former Sierra Vista mayor Bob Strain, former Oro Valley mayor Paul Loomis, former Arizona Corporation Commissioner Kris Mayes, Sahuarita City Council member Lynne Skelton, former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army General John Wickham, former Adjutant General of Arizona USAF General (Ret) David Rataczak, former A-10 pilot, USAF Lt Col (Ret) Tom Norris and Tucson area business owner John Wesley Miller.

John Wesley Miller of Tucson said, “Ron Barber is a true hero. He took a shot to the jaw, a shot to the leg, almost lost his leg, and stood up and said I still want to fight for my country. That’s a hero. I’m supporting Ron because he has a proven ability to cross the aisle and work with both Republicans and Democrats and supports solar energy, small business and home building.”

“Ron Barber has proven in words and in actions that he cares about the issues, not the ideology. He will try to find solutions that are best for his constituents and those solutions are not based on what’s best for one party or another, but what’s best for the people living in his district,” said Geoff Oldfather, of G&T Cooperative in Benson. “He was key in getting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to listen to the concerns we had an environmental regulation on regional haze that would have seriously impacted our ability to provide electric power to the people we serve in rural areas. Because of his pragmatic approach, we were able to find a win-win solution.”

“It is my pleasure to fully support Representative Ron Barber in the upcoming election for Arizona’s Second Congressional District. I had the opportunity to work with Representative Barber and his very capable staff over the past year on efforts to save the A-10 aircraft from divestment. I am very impressed by Representative Barber’s passion and efforts to build a bipartisan coalition in the House of Representatives to save the A-10. He is very aware of the A-10 capabilities and how the Close Air Support mission directly impacts our national security. In addition, he has close personal ties to Davis-Monthan and fully understands how vital A-10 jobs are to our local economy,” said USAF Lt Col (Ret.) Tom Norris, a 20-year veteran who proudly flew the A-10 in Operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom and served alongside Martha McSally on missions at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and overseas.

Norris continues, “I have been a registered Republican for 32 years and have always voted along party lines. Not this election — Representative Barber is a true leader and gets my vote!”

“I’m endorsing Ron Barber because he’s working to create new jobs and grow our economy, particularly by investing in solar energy and other high tech industries,” said Kris Mayes, a former member of the Arizona Corporation Commission and a professor at the Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law. “Ron is using Southern Arizona’s greatest natural resource, the sun, to make our community a model for renewable energy and good-paying jobs in the energy sector. Ron understands that if we want to compete in the global economy, we must encourage innovation and new businesses by investing right here at home.”

The list of Republicans for Ron is as follows:

  • Laura Almquist
  • Tim Amalong
  • Nanette Angiulo
  • Gillian Badenhuizen
  • Philip Bentley, Major USAF
  • Daniel Bish
  • Joseph Branstetter
  • Anthony Breaux
  • Dorothy Buckner
  • Linda Burhans
  • Ginny Butler
  • Jimmy Camacho
  • Marjorie Chmiel
  • Carol Clemmons
  • Dave Clifford
  • George Corbett
  • Virginia Cox
  • Phyllis Cutcher
  • Linda DeWeese
  • Darryl Dobras
  • Bruce Dusenberry
  • Brenda Feller
  • Jeannine Forston
  • Richard Fox
  • Sue Fuegi
  • Frances Garcia
  • Jim Garretson
  • Ruth Gomez
  • Judith Gonzales
  • Ana Greif
  • E. Ray  Gross
  • Gayle Haag
  • Gary Hamelstrom
  • Kevin Hartney
  • Eddie Hayes
  • Wanda Hein
  • Pete Hershberger, former Arizona State Representative
  • Ingrid Hill
  • Patricia Hoover
  • John Hudak
  • Virginia Humble
  • Kathleen Johnson
  • Angelique Johnson
  • Patricia Johnson
  • Doris Jones
  • Saundra Jones
  • Charles Keller
  • Vida Kimberlin
  • Brenda Kinsey
  • Lanny Kope, Colonel USMC (Ret.)
  • William Kopecky
  • Craig Kuranz
  • Betty Lancaster
  • James Larson
  • Barbara Larson
  • Elizabeth Larson
  • Margaret Laven
  • Ryan Leed
  • Patricia Likins
  • Tanya Lockheart
  • Sandra Long
  • Paul Loomis, former Mayor of Oro Valley
  • Anissa Lopez
  • Gloria Lupinacci
  • Kris Mayes, former Arizona Corporation Commissioner
  • Beverly McDerment
  • John Wesley Miller
  • Theron Miller, General U.S. Army (Ret.)
  • Richard Moore
  • Philip Moorhead
  • Emily Morrison
  • Karen Mosqueda
  • Katherine Nanosky
  • Frances Nixon
  • Tom Norris, USAF Lt Col (Ret.)
  • Geoff Oldfather
  • Elma Oppenheimer
  • Jill Owen
  • Sharon Owen
  • Kevin Paulus
  • William Peltier
  • Roberto Perez
  • Nicola Perrera
  • Anne Perrin
  • Loretta Peterson
  • Albert Petrie
  • Elaine Petrie
  • Evelyn Powers
  • Kelly Prevenas
  • Antonio Procopio
  • Michael Racy
  • Octavio Ramirez
  • David Rataczak, Major General USAF
  • Patricia Reed
  • Thomas Reed
  • Emma Richards
  • June Rogers
  • Melanie Rottweiler
  • Saul Rubin
  • Dorothy Ruffle
  • Lynne Skelton, Council Member Sahuarita
  • Carol Smith
  • Barry Spencer
  • James Spencer
  • Shirley Sprik
  • David Stickles
  • Bob Strain, former Mayor of Sierra Vista
  • Mark Sykes
  • Gladys Tygart
  • LeRoy Vokins
  • Bob Walkup, former Mayor of Tucson
  • Katherine Webb
  • Edith Wheelock
  • John Wickham, General U.S. Army

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