Results from Arizona 2020 Presidential Preference Election (PPE) – updated


The Arizona Secretary of State has released the returns tonight from the AZ Democratic PPE. Early voting began on Feb. 19. Here’s the list of Presidential candidates’ votes based on how they appeared on the ballot (at least here in Pima County). Most candidates had publicly withdrawn by March 17, so not many left on the ballot. Found out that only 12 of these candidates are listed on the Sec. of State’s website as they dropped the names of the 6 who “formally withdrew” (i.e. Michael Bloomberg). See my comment below for tallies for these candidates in Pima County.

Former VP Joe Biden has won in Arizona, with 42.9% of the vote counted. UPDATED morning of 3/18/20.

Klobuchar, Amy (publicly withdrawn)

Gabbard, Tulsi   2733

De La Fuente, Roque “Rocky”  607

Castro, Julian (publicly withdrawn)  697

Delaney, John (publicly withdrawn)

Buttigieg, Pete (publicly withdrawn) 24,583

Bloomberg, Michael R. (publicly withdrawn)

Williamson, Marianne (publicly withdrawn)  629

Yang, Andrew (publicly withdrawn) 1779

Steyer, Tom (publicly withdrawn)

Patrick, Deval (publicly withdrawn) 231

Sanders, Bernie  168,093

Ellinger, Michael  165

Bennet, Michael (publicly withdrawn)

Hewes, Henry  201

Booker, Cory (publicly withdrawn)

Warren, Elizabeth (publicly withdrawn) 34,595

Biden, Joseph  231,387

Won’t be updating these figures much, unless there is a change in order of candidates with most votes:  Biden, Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg as top four.

The Democratic US Presidential nominee will be selected at the Democratic National Convention this July, to face off with Republican 45th US President Donald  Trump on November 3, 2020.


  1. Oddly, as I stated above the Pima County Elections Dept. had listed 18 names of Presidential candidates and their website shows results for Michael Bloomberg 11,950; Amy Klobuchar 2550; Tom Steyer 230; Cory Booker 66, Michael Bennet 61, John Delaney 51, but these names are not on the SOS’s website tally. Called their Communications Director Murphy Hebert to find out about this discrepancy. Wonder what happened to these candidates’ votes in the other 14 Counties in AZ. She called back and said those 6 had “formally withdrawn”, so their votes weren’t listed on the tally.

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