Riddle Me This: How is the 2016 Presidential Not Proof Positive that Top Two Primary is Moronic


Sorry, long title.

My colleagues have posted previously on the Top Two ballot initiative.

The idea, for those who’ve not followed it, is to do away with the current party primary system and have all candidates, from all parties, compete in the same primary, with the top two going to a run-off.

Consider this in the context of the Presidential race. We’re down to essentially 5 candidates: Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Clinton and Sanders. Yes, Kasich and Carson are still in, but not for long, and they’re already non-factors.

So, what would happen if we had a five-way primary among the remaining candidates?

Slice and dice the numbers all you want, but the inevitable conclusion is that the the top two would be Sanders and Clinton.

Readers on this site might find that cool, but it quite obviously would make a farce of whatever is left of our democracy.

The promoters of Top Two need to come clean, apologize to the people of Arizona, and call off the fraud they’re seeking to perpetrate. Yes, I know they succeeded in a few other states, but the voters in those states are none too pleased either.


  1. Great timing on your blog Bob. Patrick McWorther joins me in the studio today at 4PM to discuss Top Two – Open Primary. I hope you and others will call in for a lively public debate with Patrick. People can listen to the simulcast on the dial at 1480 AM, live stream at 1480KPHX.com or use the phone app from 1480KPHX.com. The call number is 602-252-1480. ~ Sam Kelley, #YourOpinionMatters

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