Above: Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with Taliban Political Deputy Mullah Beradar welcoming the launch of Afghan peace negotiations – without the government of Afghanistan. Damn, did this fool and his boss ever get played by the Taliban.

Tom Boggioni reports, RNC busted for deleting campaign page touting Trump’s ‘historic peace agreement’ after Afghanistan implodes:


According to a report from the Washington Post’s Dave Weigle, the Republican National Committee has memory-holed a page on their website that touted Donald Trump’s ‘historic peace agreement” with Afghanistan.

As Kabul fell on Sunday afternoon and the fingerpointing began over who is to blame — President Joe Biden for pulling the military out or Donald Trump for negotiating the release of Taliban soldiers who have taken part in the assault on the Afghanistan capitol — Weigle noticed a change at the website.

“How quickly can the politics around Afghanistan change? Here’s a section on the RNC’s website in June; click it now and you get a 404 error,” he wrote with an accompanying screenshot of the page when it still existed.

As he notes, clicking on the URL takes a curious reader to a 404 error page that features President Joe Biden and states, “4040 error — It looks like you are as lost as Biden is.” (Lame.)

Weigel’s claim was supported by the Guardian’s Hugo Lowell, who wrote, “New: Republican Party has removed a page from their website bragging about Trump’s deal with the Taliban that committed Biden to withdraw 5,000 US troops from Afghanistan — and led to the fall of Kabul today.”

And the Sedition Party really wants you to forget that their “Dear Leader” was still bragging about his agreement with the terrorist Taliban – to the exclusion of the Afghan central government that we propped up for the past 20 years – just a month ago at one of his Nuremberg-style Sedition Rallies. Trump’s June speech comes back to haunt him after he slams Biden over Afghanistan:

With the Taliban completing their takeover of Afghanistan and refugees desperately fighting to leave the country, former President Donald Trump has gone after President Joe Biden, calling on him to “resign in disgrace” over the withdrawal.

Hey, Dumbass! Your “reinstatement” delusions would in reality (under the Constitution) make Vice President Kamala Harris the first female president of the United States, the second African-American president, and the first president of South Asian descent. This delusional troll clearly has lost his mental faculties.

But shortly after Florida Man’s statement, an old clip made the rounds on social media, in which Trump bragged just one month ago that he was the real mastermind behind the exit from Afghanistan, saying that he “started the process” and Biden wanted to stop it, but couldn’t.

Commenters on social media promptly roasted Trump for his about-face, reminding him that just weeks ago he wanted credit for the very thing he is now demanding Biden “resign in disgrace” over.

UPDATE: And this.

Reminder: Did Trump Cave to the Taliban?

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was asked a direct question by Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski: Would the new truce commit the Afghan government, which wasn’t party to the negotiations, to releasing Taliban prisoners?

It would not, Pompeo responded during the back-and-forth at the Munich Security Conference. But in the end, the deal did. Not only that, but the Taliban managed to extract a commitment from the U.S. side—without consulting the Afghan government—to force Kabul to release “up to” 5,000 Taliban prisoners in exchange for only 1,000 captives from the Afghan national forces. The disproportionate release was to have taken place by March 10, which was also supposed to be the start of the intra-Afghan peace talks that the American side insists are central to the agreement.

Now that eleventh-hour U.S. concession threatens to blow up the peace talks, which are stalled. On Wednesday the Taliban rejected Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s offer to release 1,500 prisoners ahead of talks, saying they wanted all 5,000 freed before negotiations could start.

To some critics of the U.S.-Taliban deal, like Malinowski, the concession was emblematic of a deeply flawed agreement that could ultimately cede Afghanistan back to the Taliban after 18 years of immense American expense and bloodshed—a defeat that could be a model for anti-American insurgencies around the world.

“You could not go further in delegitimizing the Afghan government,” former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker told Foreign Policy. “To agree on behalf of the government of Afghanistan for early prisoner release and not to consult with the government Is further derogation of their sovereignty. One thing you do not do is put 5,000 fighters back in the battle before you’ve even started a [peace] negotiation.”

The best response to this GQP hypocrisy.