Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

There is a "what did he say?" opinion in the Arizona Republic today by columnist Robert Leger. Meaningless bills costing legislators their credibility:

The Legislature is on the cusp of passing a bill making gold and silver a form of money in Arizona. Except you wouldn’t be able to pay taxes with the precious metals. No merchant would have to accept “specie,” as the bill calls it. Nor could anyone be forced to pay with gold and silver. The whole thing is symbolic at best, a bone for the William Jennings Bryan fringe of the Republican Party. And legislators wonder why they struggle to gain credibility? They’re dealing in the wrong currency.


I do not disagree with the thrust of Mr. Leger's opinion disparaging our idiotic Tea-Publican controled legislature. But Dude, seriously? William Jennings Bryan?

W_j_-Bryan-Cross-Of-Gold-Painting-e1325306097592William Jennings Bryan was the Democratic nominee for president in 1896. Definitely not a Republican.

And for what is Williams Jennings Bryan most remembered by history? His Cross of Gold speech at the Democratic National Convention of 1896, one of the most famous political speeches in American history. Bryan argued for "bimetalism" or "free silver" in opposition to the gold standard — concluding his speech with "you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold." Does the Arizona Republic not have any afact checkers?

I seriously doubt that any of the ignorant Tea Party sponsors of this bill even know who William Jennings Bryan is.

This bill is the result of the "hard money" ravings of Libertarian loon Ron Paul, who supports a return to the gold standard. "I wouldn't exactly go back on the gold standard but I would legalize the constitution where gold and silver should and could be legal tender, which would restrain the Federal Government from spending and then turning that over to the Federal Reserve and letting the Federal Reserve print the money. Ron Paul supports legalization of parallel currencies, such as gold-backed notes issued from private markets and digital gold currencies. Political positions of Ron Paul.

It is Ron Paul acolytes who are behind this apocalyptic preppers scenario where the U.S. dollar no longer has any value and people must return to a barter system using silver and gold. Don't blame William Jennings Bryan, blame Ron Paul.

Robert Leger owes Williams Jennings Bryan an apology.