Rotellini Campaign Firing On All Cylinders Already


Posted by Bob Lord

[Disclosure: I support Felecia Rotellini in her 2014 campaign for Attorney General]

Statewide elections are no easy feat for Democrats here. Our red state typically gets even redder in mid-term elections, when Arizona's statewide races take place. 

Nonetheless, I like Felecia Rotellini's chances in the 2014 Attorney General's race. A lot.

She came within a whisker of winning in 2010, in the face of a Republican tidal wave and an opponent who was willing to cheat to win, and did. There's no way to know, but my bet would be that Horne cheated because he concluded he had to based on polling info he was receiving. 

But that's not why I'm bullish on Felecia's chances. I was close to her 2010 campaign four years ago. Back then, we were law partners. There never was a doubt that the raw ingredients were there: high likability, fantastic resume, smarts, and, most importantly, the ethics you want to see in an Attorney General. But she was a first-time candidate and, like all first-time candidates, had to learn a few things the hard way. Plus, she was in a three-way primary, against two worthy candidates. It wasn't a tough call for me to support a law partner and friend of 20 years, but it still was no fun being on the other side of David Lujan and Vince Rabago.  

Not this time. There are no primary opponents. And I just attended an event for Felecia. She knows what she must do to win, and is totally focused. If you're looking to bet on a Democrat to win statewide in Arizona, this is your chance.