Russell Pearce: A flexible man…with the truth anyway.

By Craig McDermott, cross-posted from Random Musings

After the Fiesta Bowl released the report of its internal investigation into illegal campaign contributions and gifts of trips to football games to elected officials, one of the biggest names in the report, State Sen. Russell "The Law Is The Law" Pearce loudly and repeatedly proclaimed his innocence and purity in the matter, sticking to the story that he actually paid for his own tickets and that he had receipts to prove it.

Of course, he never actually produced those receipts.

As such, today's news in the Arizona Capitol Times didn't come as a surprise to most observers.

From the story by Jeremy Duda (subscription required) –

Senate President Russell Pearce amended several years’ worth of financial disclosure reports to include Fiesta Bowl-sponsored trips, and repaid the bowl for several tickets. In a written statement, Pearce said today he repaid the Fiesta Bowl $272 for football game tickets.

A complete AP story, written by Paul Davenport, is here.


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