Captain Arizona, now Censored, has a knack for getting to the nub of things in his comments.

When the first post appeared on BfAZ, prior to the election, about the so-called Russian hacking, the captain astutely asked (I’m paraphrasing): “Let me get this straight. We’re angry that the Russians are manipulating the election by exposing how the Democrats are manipulating the election?”


Fast forward to today. We find ourselves engaged in an Orwellian exercise, akin to the “two minutes hate” from 1984, in which all Democrats vilify Putin and the “Russian hackers.” If I understand the logic, the Russians hacked the DNC and John Podesta, the latter through a phishing scam that we’ve all had attempted on us, and made public information about the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign. Thus, they “interfered” with our election. Had they not done so, Americans would have been blissfully ignorant of the shenanigans of Wasserman-Schultz, Brazille and others, and elected Hillary President.

So, not to be a downer on the good feeling we get from knowing Trump won by cheating, is a mob mentality taking hold here?

Hacking is a crime. I get that. So, in the abstract, a foreign government’s hacking activities are cause for concern. That’s fine, as far as it goes.

But if we’re honest with ourselves, the furor over this instance of hacking is unsettling. Hacking, after all, happens. Leaks of hacked information, after all, happen. Governmental intelligence agencies engage in this conduct. Regularly. More than any other country, the good ole U S of A engages in this conduct.

Before jumping into a new cold war, or perhaps a hot one, should we be asking ourselves a few questions, like:

Where’s the hard evidence of Russian hacking, and evidence it occurred at the behest of the Russian government?

Are there no instances of this hacking that are more egregious than the exposure of wrongdoing by Democratic Party officials and Clinton campaign operatives? If there are, why are we not hearing about them? If not, doesn’t it seem odd that the exposure of corruption is being twisted into an international uproar?

Would we be hearing this much about it if Hillary Clinton had won the election?

In terms of interference with our elections, how does this compare with Netanyahu’s attempts to interfere in the 2012 election on behalf of Romney. Yeah, I know, Netanyahu’s actions likely were not illegal, but interference is interference, right? If the interference is the cause for outrage, why were we not similarly outraged four years ago?

Should the U.S. be apologizing for its interference in past elections of other countries?

But above all else, and with the foregoing in mind, how does the rest of the world see this? I’m guessing they’re asking Captain Arizona’s question: You’re angry at Russia for manipulating your election by exposing how one of your own political parties was manipulating your election?

Hey, but we’re the United States. No need to feel embarrassed, right? We’re exceptional. Just ask us.