Sanders supporters continue to make the incredible claim that Clinton “stole” Arizona primary


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Hillary somehow cheated in every primary, in every caucus. Okay.

Even when such a thing was literally impossible, such as in the Arizona primary. There was no conceivable way that the Clinton campaign could have, in advance of the deadline to register as a party voter on February 22, 2016, flipped a sufficient number of Democratic registrations of voters who would have voted for Bernie Sanders in Maricopa County to “independent” for Sanders to lose the Arizona primary. This was a feat not only beyond the mind-reading capability of the Clinton people here, but also beyond their ability to convince Helen Purcell, the Republican County Recorder, to go along with that. But supporters of Bernie Sanders continue to make such claims.

Which is why I cannot take them seriously.

You can disagree with Hillary Clinton on policy direction. I respect that. But I will never respect you when you pull things directly out of your ass to impugn her.


  1. Do you really respect people who disagree with you about Clinton based on policy?

    Based on her motto, “No, we can’t,” she’s a reactionary, by definition.

    Based on her relationship to Wall Street and other Big Money special interests, she is a neoliberal. That’s the antithesis of a Progressive.

    Based on her foreign policy positions, record and friends (who she is known by, like Kissinger), she’s a neocon.

    How can any Democrat support a reactionary neoliberal?

  2. we are still waiting for the democratic party in iowa to release the final vote count. in arizona independents can’t vote but pay for primary for partys. donna you could say independents should vote in independent primaries. oh thats right the partys don’t allow independent primaries.

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