Save The Republic! Kick Doug MacEachern to the curb!


I  don’t recall seeing this in The Arizona Republic. Gannett Publishing, the owner of The Republic, is downsizing the newspaper once again. the Phoenix Business Journal reports, Gannett’s latest restructuring comes to the ‘Arizona Republic’:

TheRepublicGannett’s latest restructuring effort has come to The Arizona Republic.

The Virginia-based media conglomerate already has been restructuring several newsrooms in its 81-city newspaper chain. The reorganization involves renaming newsroom positions and having existing employees reapply for jobs. Other Gannett papers have seen reductions in staff by as much as 15 percent in the so-called “Newsroom of the Future” effort.

Gannett Co. Inc. (NYSE: GCI) also is in the process of divorcing its more profitable television stations— including KPNX-TV Channel 12 in Phoenix — from its less profitable newspapers.

Republic Senior Vice President for News Randy Lovely announced the new restructuring plans to internal staff this week.

New job titles will be posted internally and existing employees will then apply for those jobs. They will be interviewed by hiring managers, some of whom will be from outside the Phoenix newspaper.

The Republic has a 241-person newsroom including designers, editors, technology staff, photographers and reporters, according to the paper’s website. The restructuring will result in some reductions in newsroom staff, according to sources who asked not to be identified.

Early indications that the reductions could be between 10 and 12 positions. That’s less than the cuts expected at other Gannett papers.

Top editors such as Lovely and Executive Editor Nicole Carroll won’t have to reapply for new jobs, according to a source familiar with the changes.

Gannett and Republic executives did not respond to requests for comment Thursday.

* * *

The Republic is one of the larger newspaper assets owned by Gannett.

The company also owns USA Today and 80 other daily newspapers including the Indianapolis Star, Des Moines Registrer and Detroit Free Press.

Gannett has undertaken a number of reorganization of its newspapers in recent years. That includes some layoffs and buyouts.

The bloggers here at Blog for Arizona bemoan the demise of print media in this country. In the interest of saving jobs at The Republic we took a snap poll as to who should be let go to save the jobs of others. The response was immediate, and a unanimous choice: we nominate the Rush Limbaugh of The Republic, Doug MacEachern to be kicked to the curb to save the jobs of others.

As the bloggers here have said many times, Rush, er Doug, is just a cog in the Mighty Wurlitzer of the right-wing noise machine. He simply parrots (if not plagiarizes without attribution) the right-wing talking points he gets from trolling hate radio, FAUX News, and the “Internets.” There is no “value added” in being an echo chamber to what is already a saturation of wingnuts in the conservative media entertainment complex.

I have frequently argued that MacEachern has degraded the value of The Republic as a legitimate and credible news source with his deranged editorial opinions. He could be a big part of the reason why The Republic has to tighten its belt.

Instead of getting rid of real news room employees, kick this hack to the curb.  Throw him a “surprise” retirement party, give him his gold watch and a cake, then have security escort him out of the building. And good riddance.

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  1. Geez William and Steve–can you take your little slapfest someplace else, it’s like a thread at FOX around here lately. Maybe a cool adult beverage someplace would cool your jets and put you guys in a better humor.

    • Oh come on…don’t you find it a little humorous? I agree the exchanges are out of place on this blog, but William makes it sort of fun for me. No thinking, no research, nothing of any consequence, just simple responses to his simple minded comments.

      • Stevie Boy – Your implication that you “research” your inane wing nut ramblings proves your delusional mindset.
        You may be the most full of (yourself) jerk I’ve seen in 20 years of internet use.
        How you survived long enough to draw your fat “on the government dole” officers pension amazes me. OIC’s with your personality sometimes didn’t make it to their DEROS. Fragging was extreme, but occasionally necessary.

        • I am flattered that you follow my postings so closely, William. I will have to count you as one of my secret fans.

  2. It is a little humorous, but I always read on the site that the Arizona Republic is very right wing newspaper. I read the Republic and I would vigorously disagree. I have always thought that the Republic swung way far to the left. I suppose that could mean they are fair and balanced, but I prefer to think of it as a left wing house organ supporting the Democrat Party.

    I really don’t think getting rid of one columnist is going to save the paper, whether that columnist is right wing or left wing. Newspapers are dying as a form of communication and a reorganization can only delay the inevitable.

        • In your tiny, warped mind, it might be so.
          But the DEMOCRATIC Party is the incorporated name.

          I hope that Bob Lord sees your ignorant post.
          Go back in your hole.
          You’re a P.O.S. troll, and no more than that.
          E.S. & D.

          • My goodness, why all the hostility? If my use of the term “Democrat Party” causes you such stress and anger, you have a very thin skin. I AM a troll on this blog and your calling me such doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I have no idea what your abbreviations mean and frankly I couldn’t care less.

            I think what really bothers you is that Bob Lord said something nice about me. You don’t understand how he could possibly have done so. Well, let me give you a little hint: Bob is a grown up and you aren’t. Simple, huh?

        • You certainly are a jerk. Here’s some more initials: S.T.F.U.

          I find myself somewhat eager to temporarily suspend my objection to waterboarding, only if I can be on that team.

          • Whatever…

            What is most amusing about your comments is your need to hurl insults. That is most often an indication of a limited ability to respond coherently. It will be interesting to see if you take the next step of the communication impaired.

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