SB1070 Senate Hearings


By Michael Bryan

PapersAs we near the time for arguments before the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of Arizona's SB1070, the Senate has held a hearing on the law.

Testifying about the bill were recalled former Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce (pro at 19:56), retired U.S. Senator Dennis DiConcini (con at 25:30), Arizona State Senator Steve Gallardo (con at 35:27), and Todd Landfried of Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform (con at 42:15). Questions begin at 49:05 with Schumer questioning Pearce.

Tellingly, Republican Senators Jon Kyl and John Cornyn both ducked out of the hearing leaving Pearce the sole supporter of the law in the hearing room. He was a bit sore about it, whining to the press, "I didn't get a phone call… I was disappointed. It's not just about supporting me, it's about supporting Arizona."

Kyl released a statement explaining his boycott of the hearing and labeling the hearing "strictly political theater." Governor Brewer also declined to attend and testify. One wonders why, if Kyl and Brewer considered the hearing political theater, they failed to make a curtain call: political theater is their profession, so given a chance to strut the boards before a national audience, why would they refuse the chance at a soliloquy?

UPDATE: (h/t to Bess1919) Apparently, one of Pearce's posse falsely accused Randy Parraz of shoving him after the hearing and was questioned by capitol police. Stay classy, Mr. Pearce.

UPDATE: Listening to Pearce's pressers following the hearing he made some claims that are wholly unjustified by the facts. He claimed that up to 9,000 Americans are killed per year by undocumented aliens. This clearly implies that a murder spree is on. The facts is that there are generally about 15,000 murders in the U.S. per year: Pearce is claiming that 3 out of every 5 murders are perpetrated by undocumented aliens? Bullshit. He also claimed that undocumented aliens commit crimes at three times the rate of "any other demographic". That's simply not true, either. Immigrant populations generally, and Mexican immigrants, including undocumented, commit crimes at a rate lower than any native-born demographic. Finally, Pearce claims to have met with DREAM students personally. I find that claim doubtful. Any DREAM students out there who can support Pearce's claim to have met with your personally, or even in a group?

Watch the hearing after the click…

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  1. So this is how the Gov and Teapublicans intend to suport this – by lying.
    I heard a commentary on the radio yesterday and it was claimed that “the people of Arizona voted on this and approved this…”
    More BS.
    When is the media or ANY other party or group going to call this gistapo regime out on the lies to PUSH these denegrating bills through.
    We as “people” are trying to organize, protest and be heard – but we have no representation and are vilified for demonstrating or organizing.
    It is a shame for “we the people” that FACTS do not play apart in the law or our Constitution anymore.