SB1070 Update: Paton goes into Full Gonzo mode

by David Safier

Jonathan Paton usually comes off as somewhat intelligent or witty or humble in his releases. But the injunction stopping key parts of SB1070 from going into effect is clearly no time for intelligence or wit.

It's a time for outrage!

It's a time to promote fear!

It's a time to say we need to be protected! (3 times)

It's a time to value our Constitution!

It's "Now more than ever" time!

In other words, it's time to go into full gonzo, pander-to-the-base mode.

Here it is. It's a piece of work. I would love to know who wrote it. It doesn't sound like Scarpinato to me, but who knows, maybe the boy has learned to write Jingo Lingo.

Jonathan Paton released the following statement today in response to the ruling blocking key elements of SB1070, which he voted for in the state Senate:

"I'm outraged by both the federal government's interference in our state rights and the court's decision to block key elements of a law I am proud to have voted for and helped pass. Arizonans need to be protected! If the federal government is going to refuse to protect its citizens, it's up to Arizona to protect itself. This unfortunate ruling sends a message to the world that we are not a country that values our Constitution and enforces our laws. Now more than ever, we need people in Congress who will secure our borders, because the Obama administration, Gabrielle Giffords and the federal government clearly have no intention of doing their jobs."

0 responses to “SB1070 Update: Paton goes into Full Gonzo mode

  1. “This unfortunate ruling sends a message to the world that we are not a country that values our Constitution and enforces our laws.” On the contrary, had Mr. Paton and his scribe bothered to read the 36 page opinion, they would have learned that Judge Bolton followed the rule of law, long-standing judicial precedent, and the Constitution.

    It is anti-immigrant hate groups like FAIR which drafted this flawed bill and its water carriers like Sen. Russell Pearce who have no concern for the rule of law and the Constitution. Their only goal is to demonize a minority group and to enflame the prejudices of public opinion to rule by popular outrage, not the rule of law.

  2. David Safier

    Holly, your question about the Race to the Top funds isn’t hijacking the post, since it’s a by-the-way after you addressed the topic.

    Qualifying for the funds simply means you wrote a grant proposal explaining how you plan to spend the money to improve education. Who knows, maybe our grant writers got their act together and put together some good stuff. Remember, this only puts AZ on the finalists list. It doesn’t mean we’re going to make the cut.

    Are there some politics involved? Does the Obama administration want to show a little love for Arizona to curry favor during an election season? A cynic would say yes. A realist would say, it’s a strong possibility. But I have absolutely no information telling me anything is going on other than awarding money to worthy projects.

  3. Holly Hilden

    Agreed, Paton went Gonzo. But must say that I didn’t appreciate GG’s remarks via Facebook that she was “outraged” that Congress wouldn’t vote the $701 million she requested for additional border patrol agents and security.
    As I understand it, the Feds have responded to the border security issue by adding many additional border patrol agents – at an all-time high…Is this not so?
    Another issue: How did AZ qualifyu as a finalist for the “race to the top” funds for education. When residing in AZ, we have not been impressed with AZ public education. Set me straight.

  4. Francine Shacter

    In light of Giffords new ad which features a former Republican thanking her for her actions to protect the border, I think he has a long climb up! For me, his relationship with the Payday lending folks makes him unacceptable!! It shows he doesn’t give a crap about poor people struggling to manage! Who the heck needs a congressman like that? Not me!