Scarborough on the NRA: “What is wrong with these people?”


by David Safier

Has the right wing left died-in-the-wool conservative Joe Scarborough behind? It's beginning to look like it.

On Morning Joe, they aired the vile NRA ad using Obama's children as the targets of their sick logic. For a few moments, Scarborough could only sit there, head down, slowly shaking his head back and forth. His first words were, "What is wrong with these people?" He followed that with a short discussion of the stresses and perils visited on the family of anyone who is elected president. Then he said of the NRA, "Their leadership has dragged them over the cliff. They are now a fringe organization."

If the "guns are sacred" folks have lost Joe Scarborough, maybe they're actually losing the fight. We can only hope.

Video below the fold.



  1. Scarborough is right and there will only be progress if people like Scarborough make a point of taking a sane position. In fac,t that is the only way the radicals will be neutralized. Three cheers for Joe!!!