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BacktoschoolThe new school year begins in mid-August for most Tucson area school districts, and this school supplies giveaway is the kind of positive community activism this community should encourage.

Please make a $25 contribution at School Supply Giveaway ( on Facebook.


In response to the offensive and irresponsible
effort to give away free shotguns in Tucson neighborhoods (see link
below for more info), we have launched an initiative to give away school
supplies, books, sports equipment, and school clothes to children in
the neighborhoods targeted by the free shotgun giveaway. From there, we
will expand our efforts, across Tucson.

The Tucson community has experienced traumatic acts of violence, most
notably the January 8, 2011 Safeway shooting. We have also witnessed
similar acts of violence take place, across the country. At this time
of healing and reflection, we do not need such grossly irresponsible
actions as giving away free shotguns. Instead, the majority of
Tucsonans want an adult conversation on gun safety and responsible gun
ownership. Most importantly, what we want is an end to this horrific

Therefore, we decided to launch this program to make a positive impact
in our community. It's this type of effort that will result in a
vibrant and healthy Tucson community.

We've set out an initial goal of $12,000, to match the amount raised by
the the gun giveaway. We would love to surpass this amount, however, to
show the nation and the world what type of community we have, here in

Please donate, today! Your contributions will help Tucson children, and will make a powerful statement. Thank you!!

To donate items or for any questions, please contact Sal Baldenegro at or 520.270.3095

(Please note that donations are not tax-deductible, at this time. A 501(c)(3) application is currently pending.)

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