EqualThe U.S. Supreme Court returns to work on January 9, 2015. Its Conference Calendar for that date includes four same-sex marriage appeals from the Sixth Circuit, the only circuit court to uphold state same-sex marriage bans to date, and an appeal from Louisiana seeking to bypass Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals review, another case in which the court upheld the state’s same-sex marriage ban.

The cases from the Sixth Circuit are (via SCOTUSblog):


Obergefell v. Hodges (Ohio) Docket 14-556

Tanco v. Haslam (Tennessee) Docket 14-562

DeBoer v. Snyder (Michigan) Docket 14-571

Bourke v. Beshear (Kentucky) Docket 14-574

And from the state of Louisiana:

Robicheaux v. George (Louisiana) Docket 14-596

If the Court takes an initial vote on the question of granting or denying review of the appeals, if granted one or more of these appeals could be scheduled for briefing, oral argument, and a final decision in the current Term, which runs through the end of June.

The Court will not necessarily act on these appeals at its January 9, 2015 Conference. It is not uncommon for appeals to be relisted to a later Conference date. But these appeals will eventually be considered this Term.