I briefly touched on this in a post the other day. Judiciary chairman Lindsey Graham urges Don Trump Jr. to ignore a legal subpoena: Rather than comply with the legally valid subpoena however, Graham urged Trump Jr. to simply break the law.

Lindsey “Stonewall” Graham’s encouragement to Donald Trump, Jr. to violate the law by ignoring the lawful subpoena of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and thus undermining the legitimate oversight function of the Senate, should result in his immediate removal from the chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a referral to the Senate Ethics Committee for investigation. Enough is enough.


UPDATE: On Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr. Strikes Deal for ‘Limited’ Interview With Intelligence Committee: Donald Trump Jr. and the Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee reached a deal on Tuesday for the president’s eldest son to return for a time-limited private interview with senators in the coming weeks.

Lindsey “Stonewall” Graham has since further engaged in witness tampering and obstruction of justice which should result in his expulsion from Congress and his disbarment as a lawyer.

Lawrence O’Donnell, who worked as a Senate aid for years and is a historian of the Senate, expands upon my earlier point.

Transcript excerpt:

Lindsey Graham is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the committee with jurisdiction over our criminal justice system and our civil justice system. That’s the committee that writes federal laws about, among other things, how federal subpoena are enforced. And the chairman of that committee, who is a lawyer, is publicly advising a witness subpoenaed by the United States Senate to ignore that subpoena. Publicly advising him to commit a crime.

Psychiatrists studying Lindsey Graham’s attempts to subvert and pervert congressional subpoena power need to begin with 20th Century Lindsey Graham.

Video clip of Lindsey Graham (from Clinton impeachment): The day Richard Nixon failed to answer that subpoena is the day that he was subject to impeachment because he took the power from Congress over he impeachment process away from Congress, and he became the judge and jury.

Before Donald Trump, Jr. reached an agreement about testifying to the Senate Intelligence Committee late today, last night Lindsey Graham publicly coached Donald Trump, Jr. again, telling the Washington Post, quote, “You just show up and plead the fifth and it’s over with,” Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-SC) told reporters Monday, adding that Trump Jr.’s lawyer would “have to be an idiot” to let him testify again.

Lindsey Graham is an obstruction of justice. This is clearly witness tampering. Lindsey Graham could be disbarred (and should be – azbm) as a lawyer for that. And by publicly tampering with a Senate witness, Lindsey Graham violated his oath of office.

In any previous Senate, the Senate ethics committee would begin an investigation of Lindsey Graham today that would very likely lead to his expulsion from the United States Senate.

* * *

[Video montage of Lindsey Graham trashing the character of Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign]

Lindsey Graham is running for reelection next year. And his very Trumpian public witness tampering and obstruction of justice might be just what a terrified Lindsey Graham has decided he has to do to avoid being challenged in a Republican primary by someone more Trumpian than Lindsey Graham.

Lindsey Graham is now publicly everything he once said Donald Trump is. I have never seen a United States Senator disgrace his oath of office more than Lindsey Graham has done just in the iast couple of days alone.

It is unacceptable that Lindsey “Stonewall” Graham is still chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee today and has not yet been referred to to the Senate Ethics Committee for investigation. He should be expelled from Congress for witness tampering and obstruction of justice (obstruction of Congress).  He has to be held accountable for his actions, or the rule of law no longer exists in this country — at least for Republicans. IOKIYAR.