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Rubio-dont-always-drink-waterThe darling of the Tea Party — and Beltway media villagers — Sen. Marco "Big Gulp" Rubio (R-FL), did the "full Ginsburg," er "full Rubio" to his Beltway media villager sycophants, on the Sunday bobblehead shows today. Have water handy! Out: Full Ginsburg. In: Full Rubio.

I really don't get why this freshman back bencher and intellectual lightweight garners so much fawning by the Beltway media villagers. Maybe it is because he is as shallow and vacuous as they are, kindred spirits of sorts. Talk about the "dumbing down" od America.

Sen. "Big Gulp," a member of the Gang of Eight (what is it with senators and their need for gang membership?), decried the use of "poison pill" amendments he expects from his fellow Tea-Publicans on immigration reform.Then turning on hs heel, Sen. "Big Gulp" endorsed the NRA "poison pill" amendment to kill the bipartisan background checks agreement reached by Sens. Manchin and Toomey.

The only principle that Sen. "big Gulp" believes in is his own self promotion for consideration as a presidential candidate in 2016. This Tea Party punk should focus on how to be a senator first. He is definitely not ready for prime time.

Sen. Rubio warned on Sunday that the immigration reform
debate could be choked off if his Senate colleagues submit "poison pill" bill-killing
amendments. Rubio Explains How His Republican Colleagues Could Kill Immigration Reform:

As a member of the Senate’s so-called “Gang of Eight” devoted to
immigration reform, Rubio has taken the spotlight as the GOP’s point
person on the issue. With the bipartisan group said to be readying a bill
to be introduced next week, Rubio set off Sunday morning to appear on a
record-breaking seven Sunday news shows, discussing immigration reform
on each of them.

Speaking to NBC’s David Gregory, Rubio informed the Meet the Press
host that he didn’t believe it likely that anything would happen to
cause him to step back from the bipartisan compromise
the Gang of Eight has crafted. The Florida senator also assured Gregory
that the group’s bill was just a starting point, and that the process
would be open to amendments, contrary to the claims of reform opponents.

Rubio warned, however, that amendments would likely come seeking to
derail the entire process, and promised to oppose such measures even if
they come from his Republican colleagues.

Rubio made a similar point appearing on CNN’s State of the Union,
warning “there will also be amendments designed as poison pills to doom
the bill.”

So Sen. "Big Gulp" is going to oppose "poison pill" amendments on immigration reform, is he? Funny, because "Big Gulp" endorsed the NRA "poison pill" amendment to the bipartisan background check agreement reached by Sens. Manchin and Toomey. Rubio Pushes For Gun Loophole That Would Weaken Background Checks:

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) backed the NRA-supported “concealed carry reciprocity” Sunday morning, an initiative which would require
concealed carry permits to be accepted universally across the country,
forcing states with tighter permit restrictions to accept permit-holders
from states with looser ones.

Rubio took the initiative one step further, saying on Fox News Sunday
that if a person has undergone a background check for a concealed carry
permit in one state, that person shouldn’t necessarily have to undergo
another background check to buy a gun in another state [known as a "race to the bottom" — the weakest state gun laws would become the default national standard. So much for "states' rights" and federalism.]

Rubio’s comments ignore that the requirements for concealed carry
permits vary from state to state, and that a person can commit a
criminal act after they have received a concealed carry permit. Plus,
permit issuers don’t always catch criminals or the mentally unstable — a
2012 investigation
that found Rubio’s home state of Florida did not check the FBI’s
National Instant Criminal Background Check System when issuing concealed
carry permits, overlooking the 1.6 million records of Americans with
mental illnesses the database contains.

The Senator on Sunday also admitted that though he hadn’t read the Manchin-Toomey gun bill,
which will expand background checks to include most gun sales, in its
entirety, he was skeptical of it because it would impede on the rights
of law-abiding gun owners and would “do nothing to keep criminals from
buying” guns. [Reading from the NRA talking points.]

Rubio’s statements aren’t surprising: in March, he joined the group of Republican senators led by the village idiot Aqua Buddha, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who threatened to filibuster any gun control legislation in the Senate. Their initial filibuster attempt to prevent any debate was soundly defeated last week, setting up this week's consideration of the Manchin-Toomey background checks proposal.

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