Sen. Mark Kelly says Biden Impeachment Talks are ‘a Waste of Time’

Heard on Morning Edition of NPR

“There is not a shred of evidence,” Kelly said.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy accused President Biden of lying about his family’s business dealings — and that the House will start impeachment proceedings. On NPR’s Morning Edition, Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) told A Martinez that impeachment talks are “a distraction and a waste of time.”

On McCarthy’s accusations that Biden lied about his family’s business dealings and should be impeached

Well, this isn’t serious. I mean, there is not a shred of evidence to justify it. That’s why they couldn’t hold a vote. That’s why my Republican colleagues in the United States Senate have said that they don’t see any evidence.

On whether Senator Kelly’s colleagues in the House see evidence of McCarthy’s accusations against Biden

Not a single one has reached out. And it’s because this is not a serious inquiry. The thing they should be focused on is the fact that government funding is going to expire in a couple of weeks. We’ve got a war going on in Ukraine. We have to defeat Putin. The North Korean leader being in Russia. Lowering costs for Americans. Creating good paying jobs. There’s a lot on our agenda and at the top of the list is keeping the government open.

On the whether the House can simultaneously start impeachment proceedings and avoid a government shutdown

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5 thoughts on “Sen. Mark Kelly says Biden Impeachment Talks are ‘a Waste of Time’”

  1. The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board disagrees. From yesterday’s WSJ:

    Kentucky Rep. James Comer, the House Oversight Chairman, this week outlined the evidence that Republicans have already gathered. It’s some list.

    Former Hunter business partner Devon Archer says Joe Biden was “the brand” being sold, and that as Vice President he participated by speakerphone with Hunter and his business associates at least 20 times, and that he also met or dined with Hunter and his foreign associates. These included Russian oligarchs, a Ukrainian executive being investigated for corruption, and a Chinese business partner for whose daughter Mr. Archer thinks Joe Biden wrote a college letter of recommendation.

    We also know that Vice President Biden okayed talking points on the Ukrainian company Burisma supplied by Hunter business associate Eric Schwerin. We know the State Department’s George Kent warned Mr. Biden in 2015 that Hunter’s presence on the board of Burisma was being used to undermine America’s anti-corruption message.

    An FBI informant has told the bureau that Mykola Zlochevsky, Burisma’s CEO, paid $5 million each in bribes to Hunter and Joe. This hasn’t been corroborated. More recently we learned that Hunter business partner James Gilliar emailed Hunter and other associates that 10% of a deal with Chinese energy firm CEFC was to go to the “big guy.” Former Hunter business partner Tony Bobulinski has said the big guy was Joe Biden.

    The Biden money trail goes through at least 20 shell companies; the Vice President used different email pseudonyms; and at least 170 financial transactions related to Hunter or Joe’s brother James Biden were flagged to Treasury as suspicious. A pair of IRS agents, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, told Congress that the Justice Department undermined their investigation into Hunter Biden’s emails and tax filings.

    • Dear Rep. Kavanagh;

      Two things:

      It would be nice if you weren’t engaged in factless hypocrisy.
      It would also be nice if you cited a credible source, not one owned and controlled by RWNJs like the Murdochs. WSJ was once a decent, if conservative, journalistic enterprise.
      Now, it just trumpets RW conspiracy theories and talking points.

      • As always at BfA, ad hominem attacks to avoid addressing the issue. Keep whistling past the graveyard.

        • Oh, Johnny Government Checks, Craig requested you provide a source, a citation, something we can use to verify your statements.

          Instead, you did the cowardly thing and ran home to mommy.

          Or “mother”, if you’re being “pensive”. 🙂

          For the record, JGCK is never actually pensive, it’s not in his DNA to consider ideas, to think things through, his brain is super smooth, you can see your reflection in it, he was born this way, it’s not his fault.

          But Old Government Checks Kavanagh does remind me of Pence, to beat a bad joke to death.

          He supports a convicted rapist, lies, makes up stuff aka “spins”, hides his evil behind his religion, and runs when confronted!

          Hey, since John Government Checks Kavanagh has presented us with yet another opportunity to undo some of the evil deeds he’s done, let’s all invest in America’s future by donating to RaicesTexasDotOrg.

          Raices provides free or low cost legal help to immigrants.


          Unlike a JGCK comment here, donating to Raices is actually useful.

          BTW, John Government Checks, nobody here voted for Hunter, he can go to prison for his crimes and no one here will send a penny to his commissary account, I promise.

          You know what’s really funny? According to John Government Checks Feed Me Kavanagh’s party, Kamala Harris can overturn a T4ump win.

          Right? It’s the Pence thing!

          I really don’t think your party has thought things through, and that’s why they continue to lose.

    • We know! We Know! We know! By osmosis? We can’t prove a darn thing because there’s no there, there. But from Good Old John, the King of Unconstitutional lawmaking, we can expect less and less, until we know everything about nothing. By the way, the WSJ does some excellent reporting most of the time. On politics and opinion, the New York Post and the WSJ both follow Rupert’s marching orders.

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