Sen. Martha McSally disregards the evidence, the law and her oath to oppose impeachment


Color me not surprised. Sen. Martha McSally ‘hasn’t been convinced’ Trump should be impeached:

“Senator McSally takes her role as a juror seriously but hasn’t heard anything so far that would lead her to believe impeachment of the president is warranted, let alone removing him from office,” said campaign manager Dylan Lefler in a statement to The Associated Press.

Lefler released the statement after the AP obtained a recording of the Arizona senator telling GOP activists over the weekend that she doesn’t believe Trump abused his power.

You can be certain that Martha McSally made her ignorant comments without having read the House Intelligence Committee’s report detailing President Trump’s conduct regarding Ukraine, the House Judiciary Committee’s report on “Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment,” the articles of impeachment against Trump, or the supporting House Judiciary Committee report released Monday which contends “Although President Trump’s actions need not rise to the level of a criminal violation to justify impeachment, his conduct here was criminal,” labeling Trump’s behavior “both constitutional and criminal in character” and contending that the president “betrayed the people of this nation” and should be removed from office.

Martha McSally is a lazy partisan hack who does not care to be bothered with the evidence, the rule of law, or her oath of office to defend the Constitution, or her oath to be impartial in an impeachment trial. The president “betrayed the people of this nation,” and Martha McSally intends to do the same.

There are numerous people way more intelligent and knowledgable about the law and the Constitution than our ignorant lazy partisan senator.

McSally should listen to the more than 850 legal scholars (so far) who have signed this letter concluding that “President Trump engaged in impeachable conduct.”

McSally should listen to the more than 750 historians (so far) who have signed this letter “strongly urg[ing] the House of Representatives to impeach the President.

McSally should listen to true conservative voices who are constitutionalists, not the sycophant cult followers of the crypto-fascist personality cult of Donald Trump who want an autocracy under “Dear Leader.” George T. Conway III, Steve Schmidt, John Weaver and Rick Wilson in an op-ed in The Times today, We Are Republicans, and We Want Trump Defeated: The president and his enablers have replaced conservatism with an empty faith led by a bogus prophet.

And despite Donald Trump dismissing the non-Trump GOPropaganda media as “fake media” and the “enemy of the state” — the hallmark of authoritarian despots — McSally should consider the reasoned opinions of the 23 Newspaper Editorial Boards, And Counting, Calling for Trump’s Impeachment. (Still no Arizona newspapers, the craven cowards).

Republicans’ refusal to take the impeachment process seriously risks gutting the only constitutional check on abuse of power by the executive branch. Will any Republicans show respect for the Constitution?

And just to be clear, this same advice goes for our senior senator, Kyrsten Sinema. She is no certainty to vote for impeachment. Sinema has always put what is best for her “brand” — being a squishy soft Democrat acceptable to “mythical moderate” Republicans — ahead of making principled decisions based on what is best for her constituents and the American people as a whole.

When you are participating in the impeachment rallies later today, do not forget to tell Senator Kyrsten Sinema where you stand on impeachment and protecting our Constitution and democracy, as well as Senator Martha McSally.


  1. The only oath most Republican senators care about is an oath to avoid an even crazier primary opponent. That IS the only important thing to them. They know Trump is a loon. “W” is a stone cold, honor bound, genius compared to Trump.

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