Senate Democrats block sanctuary cities bill


The Debt Limit, Highways Bill Wait as Republicans Tackle Sanctuary Cities, a pre-election gift from Mitch McConnell to Sen. David Vitter, who is running for governor of Louisiana. Your Tea-Publican Congress not at work again.

Senate Democrats were not going to play along with this GOP electioneering stunt. Senate Dems block ‘sanctuary cities’ bill:

Image: Latinos protest in favor of comprehensive immigration reform while on West side of Capitol Hill in WashingtonSenate Democrats on Tuesday blocked legislation to crack down on cities that don’t comply with federal immigration law.

Senators voted 54-45 on a measure to end debate on legislation from Sen. David Vitter. Sixty votes were needed to overcome the procedural hurdle and move toward a vote on the bill itself.

Two Democrats broke rank and sided with Republicans in the vote. [Joe Donnelly (D-IN) and Joe Manchin (D-WV). Only one Republican, Mark Kirk (R-IL) voted against cloture.]

The Louisiana Republican’s legislation would have limited federal grants to so-called “sanctuary cities” and increased penalties for undocumented immigrants who reenter the United States illegally after being deported.

But Democrats were intent on blocking Vitter’s legislation from moving forward, suggesting that it undercut law enforcement and was an unacceptable substitute for a broader immigration reform proposal.

“Today’s vote is nothing but a political show vote. Senator Vitter knows his legislation has no chance of passing the Senate or being signed into law,” Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said ahead of the vote.

Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) also derided the bill on Monday, calling it “vile” and the “Donald Trump Act,” after the 2016 GOP front-runner.

Even if the bill had managed to overcome Tuesday’s procedural hurdle, it’s unclear if it could have maintained Republican support on final passage.

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The White House also pushed back against Vitter’s bill ahead of the vote, vowing that President Obama would veto it if it reached his desk.

Here is a Map of Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and States in the United States.


  1. There the Democrats go again…just being obstructionists. It’s no wonder nothing gets done with them always saying NO to everything.

  2. except for a few rich old white democrats like fred duval the democratic party learned its lesson in the 2004 election and will not make that mistake.

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