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The Senate wasted little time dispatching the ridiculous hostage demand from House Tea-Publicans, voting to table (kill) the House Amendments to the Senate's "clean CR" funding the government. C-SPAN reports, Senate Tables (Kill) House Amendments Funding Gov't. and Delaying Health Care Law:


The Senate passed by
a vote of 54 to 46, to table, or kill, the House amendments to the
temporary government funding bill which funds the government beginning
tomorrow and delays the health care law. The Senate will now send back
to the House the bill without those amendments for them to act on
. The
Senate's continuing resolution would fund the government beyond Sept.
30, when the current appropriations authorization expires without
defunding the health acre law.

Following the vote tabling the
amendments, Majority Leader Reid called on House Speaker Boehner to "let
the Senate 'clean' CR pass with bipartisan support" or force a
government shutdown. He dismissed rumors that the House might send back a
resolution funding the government for a few days while negotiations
continue. He pointed out that the Senate CR covers a six-week period and
that was short enough.

Leader Reid also said he would keep the Senate in session to deal with whatever the House sends back later in the day.

This afternoon,
President Obama expressed optimism that a deal to avoid a government
shutdown was still possible. Speaking to reporters following a White
House meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, the President said
he would call congressional leaders later today about passing a funding
bill without politically motivated provisions.

Senate Majority Leader
Harry Reid has said he will not accept another bill that contains the
provision to delay or defund the health care law.

House Tea-Publicans are now confronted with a choice: pass the "clean CR" from the Senate, or shut down the government to continue their temper tantrum.

UPDATE: The House is expected to vote around 6:15-6:30 p.m. EST on the "rule" to
fast-track the bill to the floor.
The vote on the actual bill is currently scheduled to occur around 8 p.m. EST.