Senator Sinema and Lying AG Bill Barr


I wrote not long ago about what I thought was a major lapse in judgment by Arizona’s senior Senator, Kyrsten Sinema, in voting to confirm Bill Barr as Attorney General. Seems that Sinema is also having some second thoughts about her vote to make Barr a bipartisan appointment:

“Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, who was narrowly elected last fall to the seat abandoned by Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, was the only other Democrat to vote for Barr. According to Politico, Sinema has requested a meeting with the attorney general to discuss “discrepancies” between his conclusions on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and the contents of the actual Mueller report.”

A private meeting is not the right forum for that discussion: a public hearing is the place to confront someone about lying to you, Senator.

Don’t give AG Barr cover to lie to you more. Make sure he’s under oath and in public next time you talk with him and grill him on what he told you to make you vote for his confirmation. You have legal training, and some forensic interview experience. Put it to work, Senator.


  1. She should have never voted aye in the first place; it’s not as if Barr was some sort of unknown figure; he was around to help make sure the Iran-Contra figures escaped their well deserved punishment the last time a Republican President secretly colluded with the nations enemies and obstructed justice.( and helped cover GHW Bush’s butt in the process.)

    He’s long held that his theiry of the ‘unitary executive’ anoints the president as a King, above the law; that’s what his unsolicited memo to the DOJ was all about last year and that’s what he was hired to do for Trump.

    NO one has a plausible excuse for ‘not knowing who he was’

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