Senator Bill Frist Introduces SABA Immigration Law


Senator Bill Frist outlined the contents of his immigration proposal:

  • Over the next six years, my bill will add nearly 15,000
    additional border protection agents to augment the 20,000 Customs and
    Border Protection agents already on the job (2,400 new agents annually)
  • Specifically authorizes 1,250 border agents and 1,250 port-of entry inspection agents
  • Requires Defense Department cooperation on the border, e.g. unmanned drones
  • Begins
    process of building a 1,951 mile virtual barrier across every inch of
    our border with Mexico that will combine walls and fences in high
    traffic areas and sensors to let our Customs and Border Patrol Agents
    see and hear those who try and cross through low traffic areas
  • Requires fingerprint database connectivity between FBI and Border Patrol

Interior Enforcement specifics:

  • Increases alien smuggling penalties with a mandatory minimum of 5 years
  • Adds criminal penalties for various immigration-related document fraud
  • Mandate the use of expedited removal for aliens apprehended within 100 miles of the border and 14 days of entry

Employer Enforcement specifics:

  • Establishes nationwide, mandatory verification program for hiring workers
  • Limits the number of acceptable hiring documents with REAL ID standards
  • Authorizes 2,000 new worksite enforcement agents and 1,000 anti-fraud agents

This proposal is primarily an enforcement only approach to immigration. It does seem to contain ‘authorization’ for new work-place enforcement agents; we’ll see how much of that is smoke and mirrors. My guess is most of it. The rest seems to be pretty much just a straight prohibition – criminalization approach to immigration control. I’m surprised the bill doesn’t contain funding for concentration camps for Mexican immigrants – we’re already building them for Chinese immigrants whom China won’t take back.

Once again, upon reading the comments on Frist’s site, who do I find finding posting him opinion? That’s right, CD8’s own Dwight Leister; let’s see what he had to say about Frist’s punative legislation:

"As a Candidate for Congress where most of the illegalls cross into from Mexico, in Arizona’s 8th District your focus on enforcing The Rule Of Law is where we as a nation have failed,getting us into this mess in the first place!
There is no enforcement of Immigration Laws now on the books by Law enforcement agencies,since Democratic Party platforms have discouraged the Sheriffs,Police,Border Patrol and The Courts to NOT enforce the laws on the books regarding illegal immigrants. Arizona State legislators have tried to pass laws to hold accountable employers and police for not enforcing the laws now on the books,and have been defeated by the news media attempts to continue the status quo.
Civil Rights groups are advocating for Mexican Nationals who break our laws and come here illegally,rather than educating the same Mexican National to use the Councilates and INS to come here legally!
It does need a Federal Solution since the States have failed miserably by their own inaction and will.

Dwight D. Leister:Chair
T.Mae Leister:First Vice Treasurer

Written by : Leister, Dwight"

Correct me if I’m wrong on this, but that sounds very much like Leister is blaming the Democratic Party, and Governor Napolitano, for our immigration problems. You know – the party that doesn’t control the Federal government, and doesn’t control the Arizona legislature – the party he wants to be the nominee of? It will also come as a considerable surprise to the Homeland Security Department that the laws we now have aren’t being enforced by their agents. It might also come as a surprise to those thousands of illegal immigrants risking death, and paying thousands to coyotes to reach America, that they would have been given Visas to come and work in America legally if only they had applied through proper channels, as Mr. Leister implies.


  1. I don’t feel like its my country anymore. Congress knows that most Americans are against illegal immigration but they dont give a damn.
    Only the profits of the corporations count.I don’t.

  2. Let me also address the statement you seem to feel I have no clue when it comes to working with Mexico or its people. My Father set up the General Electric plant in Nogales,that was a sister plant to one in Tucson. We worked with the Mexican Government to hire the employees and build that plant. My Funeral Homes in Douglas and in Tucson have many Families who are over the Border and must deal with special circumstances that involves all officials of The Mexican Government. We may not agree with the way they do business , but it is the way bussiness must be done for the benifit of the family concerned. There are ways to use the same knowledge of co-operation to work on building trust into the INS and the Councilates so that people can go to them for visas instead of going to cayotes as they have built “FEAR,” into the system!

  3. I want to talk about California since 9 million illegals are in State and have intimidated The Border Patrol agents to the point of being harrassed by higher ups,and The Mayor of Los Angeles calling for California to become part of Mexico! Laraza is advocating the return of Southern Arizona and California back to Mexico,and Raul Grijalva is a member of Laraza! It is no secret what he did when he ran for Congress in 2002,using paid County Staff to run his Campaign. Who objected? Who objected when he had the sign company owner that did his campaign materials appointed to fill his seat on the Board of Supervisors,and another friend set to become Pima County Assessor,who did not pay taxes on land given to him,and lived in an apartment on Grande!His answer was don’t worry he will pay twice the amount of taxes due from now on!What Iam saying is that the voters have had enough of corruption from both parties and candidates who think just because they are from one nationality the laws do not apply to them! No wonder unsuspecting Nationals are surprized when there own people turn on them;its all about a Nation built on bribes with no respect for the rule of law!

  4. Let me be very clear about the intent of The Border Patrol Agents to enforce The Rule of Law,and Mike Chertoff’s “denial” that they are being shot at by Mexican Federallies,and The Border Sheriffs testifying before Congress as posted on my web-site that Chertoff is a “LIAR!”

    No Sheriff was going to engage in any Immigration problem because they did not have the funds or the equipment to do anything beyond I-10, let alone go to the Border and patrol it or defend it;”THEY ARE OUT GUNNED!”

    This is where the Minuteman Project took off with Grandmothers sitting along the Border and being made fun of,but it worked,and made The Department of Homeland Security look like a bunch of fools!

  5. Both Political Parties, State and Federal and local governments have failed to put teeth, and a will to enforce the Laws that protect our Border as a sovern nation,and to get immigration back on track so it is not ILLEGAL to work in the United States, if it does not take away an American Citizen’s job, or try to file for legal citizen status through the INS and our Consulates. The immigration issue is not just about securing the Border; and as I said before if NAFTA and CAFTA would have contained workers rights years ago, none of this would have taken place in the first place.

    If the Rule of Law would have been enforced we would not have 15 million illegals in Country right now!

    Governor Napolitano has reversed her earlier decision and joined with my call to “Put The National Guard on the Border to aid the Border Partol and INS.” I had called publically in late 2003 as I began my Campaign for Congress in March-April of 2004 for Border help and the use of the National Guard, as law enforcement was overwhelmed! The Department of Homeland Security was not talking about any Border security as I was the lonely voice from the Democratic Party,and Randy Graf was passing Prop. 200 in Phoenix, but to no avail.

    The Democratic Party Platform speaks for itself,and if any Democrat runs on that platform he or she will never be elected in Congressional District 8 , and will be run out of Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties on a rail! The people have had it with the Courts dumping on their rights as American citizens wanting to protect their own property, only to be told the criminals have been deported by the Department of Homeland Security to return another day!

    As for law enforcement not knowing the courts will not engage in illegal immigrant issues, it has gotten to the point where criminals who commit acts of violence against American Citizens are deported before they can be tried in any court of law;that does not sound like a working Criminal Justice system to me!

    Iam not in lock-step with a Democratic Party platform that calls me an “Anglo Saxon Male,” advising the Governor on Border Issues ,by a Democratic Congressman advocating for Mexican Nationals and there being “Insulted by my wanting the Mexican People to follow the laws of the United States of America!

    I did not inject the “Race Card,” into this debate Raul Grijalva did, and I resent it, and demanded an appology!

    I have been talking about illegal immigration for 30 years,not 30 days! I just did not move to Arizona in the last year and decide to run for Congress,or read blindly off a teleprompter about the problem for the last 30 years, and do nothing about it. Anyone who has lived in Tucson and does not know what has been going on for the last 30 years has not seen roads being built on the South side of Tucson,while the North side sat in piled up traffic as it paid the bills!

    The Baseball Park that is built on the South side of Tucson and if you hit a home run out of the park hits a car on I-10 because south side politicians wanted the park instead of where it should have been built in Marana! A National Monument that a Congressman wanted built from the Mexican Border east of Sasabe to Arivaca was shot down by the Arizona Game and Fish Department as being a “SUPERHIGHWAY,” for Illegals and Terrorists in April of 2004 at the Inn Suites Hotel on Oracle Road!

    As for The Media ; just read C.J. Karamargin and Portillio whine about securing the border or anything that enforces any rule of law!

    I could go on about The Pima County Government and whom they hire but I think I will stop for now,as I hope you get my point. I do not like the Statue of the Criminal Poncho Villa in front of City Hall,as my brother-in-laws great grandfather Commander in Chief and Generals of The Army John J. Pershing was commissioned by President Wilson in 1916 ,and given 85,000 Georgia National Guard Troops,Aircraft and Tanks to Kill him,because he was crossing into the United States and its territories killing,raping,burning ranches and shooting at our Sheriffs,and Army personel. Now 100 years later you ask me that you never heard of any law enforcement problem along this Border?