Sexual Misconduct Allegation Against Brett Kavanaugh


By Michael Bryan

Is Judge Kavanaugh about to have a #Metoo moment?

Sen. Dianne Feinstein has reported to the FBI an allegation concerning Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that appeared to be connected to an incident of potential sexual abuse when he was a teenager, a person familiar with the matter said.

If the allegation has any basis, this is likely to be only the first drop in a leaky faucet of allegations against the Judge, if history and criminology provide any guide.

Could Kavanaugh be brought as low as Yahya Yuksel by a single allegation of misconduct as a teenager? If there is justice in the world, maybe; but there isn’t so much of that, and Kavanaugh is at the peak of his career, not a naive young man starting out in public life, so likely not.

We only need two votes to block Kavanaugh if the Dems hang together. Here’s hoping that Kavanaugh gets some just desserts.


  1. If the woman continues to insist that she wants to remain anonymous and not press charges and if no corroborating evidence can be found, then what?

  2. Gym Jordan, a rapey SCOTUS nominee, the pussy grabber in chief who likes to be spanked with rolled up Forbes magazines and cheats on his wife raw dog style with porn stars, 2975 dead in Puerto Rico, a presidential campaign filled with convicted felons, a White House filled with Nazis…

    The GOP is the party of Family Values, but it’s the Manson family.

  3. Wow, a letter from 65 women, that fast?

    Almost makes you think someone knew about this in advance and was ready.

    This whole Kavanaugh deal reeks of a fix.

    What high school kids knows 65 women well enough for them to testify about his character?

    I knew a lot of people back in high school, but only a handful of people close to me, best friends and girlfriends, could attest to my character.

    While we’re all here, who funds the Federalist Society, the folks who are doing all this work to get Kavanaugh on the court?

  4. The New Yorkers’s Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer have the details,

    ” In the letter, the woman alleged that, during an encounter at a party, Kavanaugh held her down, and that he attempted to force himself on her. She claimed in the letter that Kavanaugh and a classmate of his, both of whom had been drinking, turned up music that was playing in the room to conceal the sound of her protests, and that Kavanaugh covered her mouth with his hand. She was able to free herself. Although the alleged incident took place decades ago and the three individuals involved were minors, the woman said that the memory had been a source of ongoing distress for her, and that she had sought psychological treatment as a result.

    In a statement, Kavanaugh said, “I categorically and unequivocally deny this allegation. I did not do this back in high school or at any time.””

    Oddly enough, Sen. Chuck Grassley was ready with a letter from 65 women who allegedly knew Kavanaugh in high school attesting to his character.

    This is remarkably fast work for a letter that only came to light on Wednesday. This indicates Grassley knew about the letter earlier. This woman is about to get the Anita Hill treatment from Republicans if she ever comes forward.

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