The Washington Post’s fact checkers have concluded their herculean four year effort. Trump’s false or misleading claims total 30,573 over 4 years.

Do you know who else lies as much as Donald Trump? His former White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders aka “HuckaSanders.” She learned it from watching her daddy, a master religious and political huckster.


Apparently being an unethical shameless liar without any conscience or sense of guilt is a selling point among Republican primary voters. Please spare me the bullshit about how “Christian” and “family values” you all are. That’s just another damn lie.

Bess Levin at Vanity Fair has the most accurate headline for this story, SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS, LIEMASTER3000, IS RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR OF ARKANSAS:

[T]he earth will not be entirely cleansed of Trumpism, thanks to the many administration alums who will undoubtedly run for office, including his daughter, who apparently believes her shot at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue remains strong. Kicking things off on Monday was Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who apparently hopes her tenure as one of the ex-president’s most loyal stooges will catapult her to the Arkansas governor’s mansion.

In a painfully long 7-minute, 46-second video that begins with a story of a soldier in Iraq who told her how impressed he was with her for handling such a tough job (i.e. White House press secretary), Sanders says, as all Republicans are required to do, that she’ll defend Arkansans’ “right to be free of socialism and tyranny,” noting that in her previous gig, she “took on the media, the radical left, and their ‘cancel culture,’ and I won.”

Naturally, Sanders doesn’t find time in the video to mention that her battle with the radical-left media concluded with her being thrown a fancy, chummy going-away party. Or that if there was any tension between her and the press, it might have had to do with her insistence on lying about everything all the time. But hey! Maybe those details were left on the cutting room floor. Anyway, just so it’s clear, during her time shilling for Trump, Sanders:

      • Denied knowledge of Trump’s in-office hush money payments, despite the fact that Trump himself admitted to them;
      • Claimed that Trump created many more jobs for African Americans than Barack Obama, when, in reality, Obama created four times as many as Trump;
      • Insisted that Trump had never “promoted or encouraged violence,” despite the fact that Trump said at a rally that he wanted to “punch” an ejected protester “in the face”; told a crowd in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, “If you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously, okay. Just knock the hell—I promise you I will pay for the legal fees, I promise”; openly fantasized about “Second Amendment people” preventing the appointment of liberal judges; and instructed police officers to knock suspects’ heads against the side of their squad cars.
      • Smeared the women who accused Trump of sexual harassment or sexual assault and claimed they were liars;
      • Told an elaborate story about how she’d heard from “countless…individuals who work at the FBI who said they were very happy” with Trump’s decision to fire James Comey, in an attempt to make Trump’s claim that the firing was all about agency morale stick, and that it had nothing whatsoever to do with the Russia investigation. Which, of course, she admitted during her interview with Special Counsel Robert Muellerwas a total lie. Later, she doubled down on the whole thing, telling George Stephanopoulos that she only admitted to lying about hearing from “countless” people, which would still make what she told the press corps, you guessed it, a lie!

After Sanders posted her announcement, CNN reporter Jim Acosta took to Twitter to remind people that despite bragging about cancel culture, Sanders tried to silence him by revoking his “hard pass” for asking questions Trump didn’t like, a move that ultimately failed.

Cancel culture? Has this shameless liar met the Arizona Republican Party? Arizona GOP censures Flake, Ducey and McCain, signaling a fractured party in a key swing state. Unless you take an oath of blind loyalty to “Dear Leader” in this personality cult, the insurrectionists in the Sedition Party will purge you from the GOP. That, my friend, is the definition of “cancel culture.”

Anyway, speaking of lies and the shameless hacks who tell them, The Washington Post has wrapped up its Trump Lie Tracker[.]

Trump and Sanders unsurprisingly remain on good terms, so he’ll presumably get out to stump for her on the campaign trail, where they will no doubt tell a bunch of lies about their time together in Washington.

Those Arkansas hillbillies elected her father and huckster Mike Huckabee governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007 on a pledge of “God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy.” Sarah “HuckaSanders” is counting on these Arkansas hillbillies to do it again on her pledge of “right to be free of socialism and tyranny.”

Tyranny is what we saw on January 6 when her “Dear Leader” attempted a seditious coup to overthrow the lawful government of the United States in a violent insurrection and to destroy American democracy on his way to becoming a tinpot dictator of a banana republic.