Shameless self promotion

by David Safier

As of today's issue, I'll be writing a more-or-less-monthly column in the Tucson Weekly on education. Today's column: Tom Horne and John Huppenthal's war with TUSD continues, to the detriment of Tucson students.

The basic premise: it's time for Huppenthal to simply let TUSD be TUSD and go about the important business of educating students. He should find something else to spend his time on than worrying about the four-tenths of one percent of Arizona students who will be taking courses created as part of TUSD's Culturally Relevant Curriculum. Not four percent, mind you. Four-tenths of one percent. Based on the record of kids who took courses in the dismantled Mexican American Studies courses, the kids are likely to do as well or better academically than similar students who don't take the courses. And no one is forced to take them. They fulfill the same state requirements as the standard junior and senior social studies and English courses, and students only take the CRC versions if they sign up.

Enough already with going after a small, successful program at TUSD. The AZ Ed Supe has lots of other things on his plate, or he should, anyway.

2 responses to “Shameless self promotion

  1. No where does it say hate will be taught. That is a false assumption.

  2. You made the point that they still plan to teach hate in these classes. Why should that be tolerated even with one student?