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Teabaggers never tire of being provocateurs assholes. Especially the gun worshiper/fetishist type.

Yosemite-sam_shootingThe Arizona Daily Star reported today that all around pain in the ass Shaun McClusky, a teabagger provocateur asshole, wants to arm residents of Tucson living in "crime-ridden areas" with shotguns to test the NRA theory that "an armed society is a safe society" (hint: the USA is the Most Heavily Armed Nation in the World — with 90 guns for every 100 citizens and some 270 million of the world’s 875 million known weapons — so how's that theory workin' out for ya?)

McCluskey's teabagger racist stereotyping is self-evident from his identification of the South-side neigborhoods of Midvale Park and Pueblo Gardens as "crime-ridden areas," along with a "midtown neighborhood" to be named later. Anyone familiar with Tucson crime statistics knows that the highest crime rate is not on Tucson's South-side. Just check out the Tucson-Area Crime Map, this version at the Arizona Daily Star (hint: it is the area West of Campbell Avenue and North of Speedway Blvd., to the Freeway on the West and River Road on the North).

The Daily Star reports, Ex-Tucson mayoral hopeful plans free shotguns for high-crime areas:

Tucson residents living in crime-ridden areas could soon receive free shotguns.

on the premise an armed neighborhood is a safer neighborhood, a group
led by former mayoral candidate Shaun McClusky is raising money to
purchase shotguns and provide training for anyone who lives in a mid- to
high-crime neighborhood and can pass a background check.

The project is part of a developing nationwide movement to see if more guns really do translate into less crime.

* * *

McClusky's effort is part of a larger project based in Houston.

Armed Citizens Project was created recently by a master's student at
the University of Houston as a way to measure whether more guns result
in less crime. The plan is to have diverse cities across the nation
implement the program in specific neighborhoods and then track those
neighborhoods to see if crime is reduced.

When McClusky learned of the project, he thought it was an "absolutely wonderful" idea and would be perfect for Tucson.

* * *

said he's bringing the program to Tucson because the City Council has
failed to properly fund the Police Department, leaving many residents
easy targets for criminals.

"We need to take back our city, and it
needs to come back to the citizens and not the criminals," McClusky
said. "Right now, the criminal element is winning."

Uh-huh. Tucson area crime has actually been trending downward in almost every crime statistic category for the past several years. Here's the Crime Trend Graphs (1997-2011)(all in one file) from the Tucson Police Department at Count (210 kb) (.pdf).

Over the next couple of weeks, McClusky and others will begin spreading
leaflets and posting fliers in Midvale Park, Pueblo Gardens and a
yet-to-be-determined midtown neighborhood to induce residents to sign up
for the program.

* * *

So far, contributors have committed about $12,000 even though
McClusky just started soliciting donations. He said he's not prepared to
say how many shotguns will be provided.

* * *

Midvale Neighborhood Association President Joe Miller said Midvale Neighborhood is a safe community that isn't riddled with crime and there isn't a need for such drastic measures.

Councilwoman Regina Romero echoed Miller's sentiments and said McClusky is "stereotyping" south-side residents.

Councilman Steve Kozachik said he doesn't understand the logic behind the move.

suggest that giving away … loaded shotguns in high-crime areas will
make anybody safer is pure idiocy," Kozachik said. "This is coming from a
purported leader in the local Republican Party, the same group who last
year auctioned off a Glock and a rifle as fundraisers. Now they're
giving them away in our community? They're totally out of touch with the
values of this city."

Get a clue, geniuses. Tucson has a high rate of poverty due to low wage jobs, and the vast majority of crime is related to drug users trying to support their drug habit — larceny, theft, burglary and property crime. Instead of being provocateurs for the NRA, why not put your money to a productive purpose like reducing poverty or drug rehabilitation?

Oh, that's right, because that doesn't create a conflict, the thing that the media villagers most love to report, especially during sweeps month for television and radio ratings, and that doesn't get you the attention you so badly seek. You're pathetic, McClusky.

The NRA fantasy that "an armed society is a safe society" is refuted by the evidence.

Travis Pratt, professor of criminology and criminal justice at
Arizona State University, said so far, no studies have shown guns
decrease crime. In fact, he said, it's just the opposite.

is no credible evidence at all that providing a high-crime area with the
instruments to facilitate more crime is going to have any net social
benefits," Pratt said.

Isolated incidents where a gun prevents a
crime would occur, he said, but they would be offset by having more guns
in circulation.

However, he said it's unlikely the program would
produce a spike in gun violence, since the guns involved would be
shotguns that have limited appeal to criminals, Pratt said, it's
unlikely there would be a sharp spike in gun violence as well.

* * *

"At best it's a symbolic act that's unlikely produce any crime reducing benefits," Pratt said.

kind of rhetorical devices get thrown a lot and they're politically
popular here in Arizona," he said, but they are little more than "a
dangerous political stunt."

A political stunt is all that this teabagger provocateur asshole is interested in. Sadly, the local media villagers will give him the attention he seeks. Pathetic.

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  1. Go Mr. McClusky!
    Programs like the one in Houston need to be created all over America.

  2. Or should I have said Green response.

    I know where this guy is coming from. I listen to the TPD scanner daily and read the crime stats on line. Many of you are in denial about crime in Tucson.

  3. Typical Dem response, they always attack the grammar and spelling. You are so predictable…

  4. Yikes – not just “issues” but poor grammar skills, too. Good thing tt can luxuriate at home instead of working for a living, and too bad everyone else cannot be in such a secure financial space! I learned at this morning’s Universal Background Check rally that Tucson’s violent crime is higher than the national average by about 40%. Having a gun in the house with an angry, depressed, drunk, drugged, and/or stupid person seems to be inviting disaster.

  5. hey there uuumm stupid liberal loser,, uumm ive lived in Tucson my entire life, im 41 and I grew up in and continue to be a part of a family of Tucson cops. including the chief of police. youre totally full of your own bullshit, your numbers are nothing but puff, and you know nothing about anything or anyone that resides outside your tiny little bubble world. I know the real numbers, ive lived with them my entire life. why don’t you try talking to those whom know the truth before you run your typical liberal loser mouth. every nuance of my life isn’t just stained by but thoroughly saturated with the law and crime in this city. im also a combat veteran and have been out in the ACTUAL REAL WORLD and seen what makes it turn it, and what men do to each other in the absence of independence, true justice, and lawful gun ownership. something you can NEVER attest to because you live in a totally opaque little liberal bubble world where only you and those like you know whats best for everyone. you make your own truths and ignore the living truth of the world that’s slapping your head against the wall of your insurmountable ignorance of reality. you take other peoples stories and comments and twist everything contained there in to suit your laughably anger and hate based blubber

    have a great day shit talker

    please don’t waste your time replying to me. this is a once off, my way of passing some time slapping a filth peddler like you in the face with a little reminder that the real world is still out there waiting for you. I couldn’t possibly give a horse shit what else you might have to say. people like you are worth less than the scum I spray off the bottom of my flip flops. im 41 and totally comfortably retired already. after a long day of laying on my bed or couch watching tv or playing games, in my house totally owned and payed for, on my completely tax free 3900 bucks a month income, with zero credit debt, zero tax debt, driving my brand new and totally payed for tundra with a 2500 dollar luxury shell and 4000 dollar suspension upgrades when I get the urge, buying things on impulse and not having to worry about a budget and just generally living a debt and worry free life thanks to my very successful conservative values. and im going to continue to spend my hard earned gains on ME, and my kid and theres a not single fucking thing in this universe that you can do about it. you and slime like you can scream ever so shrill, louder and louder, impotent, irrelevant, worthless, broken, helpless, self important powerless, and useless.

  6. The Armed Citizen’s Project,headed by Shaun McClusky is targeting Pueblo Gardens, because it has a “high crime rate”. The statistics show otherwise and as a resident of P. Gardens for 2.5 years, I can tell you I have always felt safe, have nice neighbors (most of the time), and we do not live in fear, as McClusky seems to think we do. I will be at a joint rally/press conference tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. at the Same Lena Library at 1601 S. 6th Ave, South Tucson, and will be glad to answer any questions on this issue and my experience as a resident of one of the targeted areas. Pam Simon, Daniel Hernandez, Mayor Rothschild, Jennifer Eckstrom of Moms Demand Action, and Mayors Against Illegal Guns will be heading the presentation.