Short Attention Span Musing: Fun With Social Media


By Craig McDermott, crossposted from Random Musings

I’ve been trying to write something about last week’s mass murder in Charleston, but my thoughts are so jumbled, nothing I’ve written is all that coherent (outrage tends to do that to me), so, for now anyway, I’m going to go with a weekly dose of snark, in the form of “Fun with social media”.

…First up:  The “Really should get a clue…or at least just go away” division.  This appeared on my Facebook feed on Friday –

…Now for the “Yes, there is a divide in the country, and sometimes it is obvious enough to show up in my Twitter feed” department –

I’ve got no problem with Twitter generating revenue with “promoted” posts and the like, but they should really pay attention to context…

…From the “Should not be an elected official” department, this nugget from professional turd blossom Franklin Graham, shared on Facebook by Arizona’s own Rep. David Livingston  –

Dear Rep. Livingston: The guy with the gun was the one in the church murdering people because of the color of their skin, not Hollywood.

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