Gov. Doug Ducey insists, “this is not a crisis situation,” even as the state’s COVID-19 death toll has climbed to nearly 2,600 people. His inaction has led to a total of 139,000 virus cases in Arizona alone.

Now, frustrated Arionzans can go to, which generates letters to Ducey to be used for email, web form, Facebook, phone text, or US mail. “DEAR DOUG, Arizona is in danger. We are citizens who have science-based ideas to keep AZ safe. And, we’ve got a message for you!” appears on the new website.


By clicking on “Today’s Message,” the site automatically creates a fact-based message for Gov. Ducey. The message will change every few days, depending on the news of the day. Visitors can copy the latest message and paste it online or on paper.

Cheryl Cage

Created by Tucson Democratic activists Cheryl Cage and Jane Lassar, the site went live on July 5. It gets up to 1,200 visits per day. On the matching Facebook page, 105 people follow the regularly-updated page.

  • Cage is a two-time candidate for the State Senator, was campaign manager for Dr. Randy Friese’s successful campaign for state House in 2014, and is a former Chair of the Pima County Democratic Party. “Our mission is to remind Doug that Arizonans have workable ideas on how to keep Arizona safe during this pandemic,” she says. “When we make our voices heard, we keep our democracy strong and help drive change.

Jane Lassar

  • Lassar is a member of the LD9 Democrats Communication team and a Precinct Committee Person for precinct #211. “Our plan through ‘today’s message’ we will encourage Arizonans to voice their concerns and ideas to Governor Ducey every single day!” Lassar said.

The site is attracting huge attention. InSight, which measures online performance, scores the site at 92% (out of 100).

Cage designed the website and says, “Jane Lassar and I were brainstorming on how to get Ducey’s attention. We wanted to do a massive rally, but obviously, that wasn’t feasible during this time. So we came up with a way for Doug to ’see’ us by inundating him with letters, emails, phone calls.”

“We are getting lots of comment emails thanking us for our work,” she says. “Lots of messages and letters have been sent to Ducey.” She and Lassar brainstorm every day to discuss what’s happening right now in the news.

“We are both ’newshounds’ so it is already comfortable for us to be checking the news throughout the day,” Cage says.

Lassar has a background in public relations, and she writes the messages so that they are clear, crisp, and to the point.

Lassar is on a team of LD9 precinct committee people and volunteers called the Wetmore Outreach Team. The team launched a successful postcard mailing campaign that reached out to 300 voters in three precincts. The goal was to provide voters with a list of useful resources during the Coronavirus pandemic.

In her role on the LD9 Democrats Communications Team, Lassar helped present two LD9 Social Media training sessions on June 30 and July 2 to familiarize people with how to better use their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Lassar’s latest message on the Dear-Doug site reads as follows:

RE: Limiting Indoor Events and Large Gatherings

Dear Gov. Ducey,

We’re getting more and more info about the Coronavirus every day. Researchers and scientists are now saying that tiny droplets of the virus can linger as airborne particles.

The virus can pass from person to person in tiny droplets called aerosols that waft through the air and accumulate over time. After months of debate about whether people can transmit the virus through exhaled air, there is growing concern among scientists about this transmission route (, July 7, 2020)

According to Lidia Morawska, an aerosol scientist from the University of Queensland, Australia: “To control [the pandemic], we need to control all the means of infection,” This includes measures that improve ventilation of indoor spaces and limits on indoor gatherings.

Until Arizona gets the virus under control, large group gatherings should not be allowed under your leadership. Surely, Arizonans will be willing to comply with such orders if they realize you are serious about the matter and willing to enforce the policies you put in place. This is what good leadership looks like. I hope you will exercise it in the weeks and months to come.

Respectfully, (Your name here)

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