Sierra Vista Herald endorses Felecia Rotellini and David Garcia


Arizona’s small town newspapers are getting around to their candidate endorsements. Here in Southern Arizona, the Sierra Vista Herald has recently published a pair of endorsements.

The Herald endorses Felecia Rotellini for Attorney General. OUR VIEW: Rotellini for Attorney General:

After almost four years of scandals and politics, it’s time Arizona restored integrity to the Attorney General’s office.

Politics aside, the troubles brought by officeholder Tom Horne were the main reason he failed to capture the support of voters in his own party and lost in the Aug. 26 primary election.

FeleciaRotelliniFelecia Rotellini is the best choice to bring the focus of the Attorney General’s office back to its intended purpose. Her 13 years of experience as a criminal and civil prosecutor serving under three different Attorneys General — both Republican and Democrat — and her current focus on what needs to be done, distinguish her credibility.

Rotellini has focused her campaign on making necessary changes to prosecute white-collar crime, protect the elderly from abuse and aggressively pursue criminals who are perpetrating sex-trafficking and racketeering. Her plan calls for recruiting better attorneys, employing forensic accountants and hiring special agents who will put “more boots on the ground” to carry out the responsibilities of the office.

By contrast, her opponent in the Nov. 4 election has focused his campaign almost entirely on politics. He has reverted to hot-button labeling like “Obama-ally” and promising to fight the Affordable Health Care Act.

Except for the ideologues who put their party above the qualifications of the person, Arizona constituents are tired of enduring the political calamity the current Attorney General has brought. Horne has put the focus on fighting the federal government and pursuing U.S. Supreme Court decisions that entangle the state in constitutional issues on voting rights, abortion and gay marriage. [Mark Brnovich promises to continue to do the same.]

Rotellini will bring that focus back and restore the integrity of the office.

The Herald also endorses David Garcia for Superintendent of Public Instruction. OUR VIEW: Garcia for state schools chief:

GarciaMost parents of school-age children agree the last place they want to see politics played out is in the classroom. Let the focus fall on the “three Rs,” and keep ideologues out of local schools.

For Arizona voters the choice is clear on Nov. 4 when they cast ballots for the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The Herald/Review is endorsing David Garcia for this office.

Party affiliation is the last consideration when deciding which candidate is eminently qualified to direct public education in Arizona. Garcia has experience that began in the classroom and has reached to the state level, serving in high-ranking positions under three former state superintendents.

His campaign has presented initiatives aimed at preparing students to compete in the economies of the future at the national and international level.

It is because of his common-sense approach to education and his vision for what needs to be done that, despite being a Democrat in Arizona, Garcia has drawn widespread bipartisan support. Endorsements include the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry — which hasn’t endorsed a Democrat since 2006 — two former Republican state superintendents, and several notable GOP politicians, including former Mesa state senator Rich Crandall.

His opponent, Republican candidate Diane Douglas . . . is a former school board member from Peoria who has politicized the race as an argument of federal overreach. Put bluntly, her ideas would isolate Arizona and would move its education system in the wrong direction.

Put the priority on education, not politics. Vote for Garcia.


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