Sierra Vista Herald endorses Ron Barber for Congress


Posted by AzblueMeanie:

Better late than never. The conservative Sierra Vista Herald today endorsed Ron Barber for Congress.

It sounds as if the editors are suffering from a bit of the Pundit's Fallacy that I posted about yesterday, believing that Sierra Vista/Fort Huachuca is the center of the universe in CD8.

In 2010, Pima County produced over 235,000 votes; Cochise County produced slightly over 40,000 votes; portions of Pinal County (which will not be in the New CD 2) produced slightly over 6,400 votes; portions of Santa Cruz County produced slighly over 2,400 votes.

Cochise County is the "middle child" seeking attention.

The Sierra Vista Herald endorsement, Our View: For CD8, it's Barber:

Screenshot-12With one week remaining until the special election that will determine our U.S. Representative in Congressional District 8, the Herald/Review endorses Ron Barber.

Despite the history of this election and these candidates, the decision to endorse Barber was not a foregone conclusion.

* * *

As stated previously in this column, we find the rhetoric of the campaign has focused on issues that the remaining session of Congress with either not address, or our representatives will have not influence to direct. At a debate in Tucson two weeks ago, for example, the talk turned to allegations on Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.

The negative campaigning that has besmirched each candidate has followed the talking points put forth by the respective national political parties. Kelly is accused of being staunchly conservative and threatening the future of federal entitlement programs. Barber is tied to the Obama liberal agenda and taxpayers are warned of big government and large deficits.

What is sad, especially for Cochise County voters, is that there are a plethora of local issues with federal ramifications that neither candidate has made any effort to address.

What of Tombstone and its ongoing battle with the U. S. Forest Service? What of rumors that Fort Huachuca will come to the attention of the next BRAC and could have its missions relocated? Will new federal EPA regulations force the electric power generation plant in Benson to spend millions of dollars to deal with its potash? What assistance and guidance can the federal government offer to address the water issues in Sierra Vista and Southeast Arizona?

None of these questions were effectively answered by either candidate during the period between the primary election in April, and next week’s general election.

So why endorse Barber?

Perhaps the best answer is a recognition that for the remaining six months of 2012, if anything can get done inside Washington’s beltway, a veteran of the legislative process will have an advantage navigating on Capitol Hill.

Barber, who worked as a legislative advisor to former CD8 U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, has that advantage and the backing of the party in power in Washington.

We do not anticipate that the efforts of either man, if they are elected, will make much of an impact in the remaining time of Giffords’ term.

Still, for what needs there are, we are confident that Barber can get it done.


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