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Crossposted from  My views line up with much of what AZBlueMeanie says, but can’t agree with him on Prop 123.  I am intimately aware of the deal and think it is the best we can do at this point.  Our schools need the money now, they can’t wait another 5+ years.  Plus, once we get beyond this lawsuit, we can start talking about other funding issues.  Providing the below infographic because it is obvious we have more “splaining”* to do. *For those of you who ever watched I Love Lucy.

Yes on Prop 123-2


  1. If Prop 123 passes it will relieve the pressure to provide adequate funding for schools. Ducey say it is just a “first step”, but he is lying. Schools will never see another dime from Arizona’s Republican Legislature. There will, however, be yet more tax cuts and more money for private prisons. Low information voters will be sold the bill of goods that public schools are decently funded once this passes. Problem solved and tax cuts too. Ducey and other Republicans who refuse to fund schools will be reelected in a landslide. Thanks for playing, suckers! You Democrats are so stupid.

    • Au contraire “boor”, we know exactly what we are dealing with. But as the minority party, we are forced to deal with those who evidently just don’t care about our kids or the majority of our people. The only way we will eventually make real change is to vote the current gang of ALEC minions out of office and replace them with legislators who really are intent on making Arizona better for Arizonans.

      • Did I say “stupid”? I meant gutless. Arizona Republicans will be willing to play chicken so long as they know Arizona Democrats will be the first to swerve; they will just keep winning and getting their policies implemented. Time to call their bluff. No on Prop 123. The only way we get Republicans out of office and adequate funding for schools is when parents and teachers are marching to the doors of the state capitol with pitchforks. Prop 123 is settling for crumbs and if you settle for crumbs, that is all you will ever get.

        • Hi Boor. I know there is no “winning” this argument and believe I understand your position. Voting no on Prop 123 though, is not the way to “call their bluff.” The real way to call their bluff is to freakin’ vote them out of office!

  2. Of course the real alternative is 75% of Arizona voters turn out in 2016, and the legislative majority flips, forcing the one term Ducey to really support public schools rather than just mouth that he does. The super majority required for raising taxes is replaced by a super majority needed to give corporations tax cuts. All the school tax credit nonsense is repealed. The State of Arizona sets a goal that we must be no worse than 25th in public school support and no worse than 25th in university and all higher Ed support. Then Ducey’s promotional literature can say, “We’re mediocre! But better than we were!” Or “we are first in War, first in peace, mediocre in education support, but first in the hearts of ALEC and Goldwater’s board of directors, or my cabinet, same difference.” People ask me how they should vote on 123, very difficult to say. The bottom line is, if this one party dictatorship did what the State Constitution, which they love so much, requires, there would be no need for 123.

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