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Could it be? Is it a Maundy Thursday Miracle? Or will it Passover to Good Friday?

The Arizona Capitol Times reports, Arizona Senate president aims to end session Thursday night:

ArizonaArizona Senate President Andy Biggs said he wants to end the 2015 legislative session by Thursday — a target that would make it the shortest session in nearly 50 years.

Biggs said Wednesday he believes the Senate and House can finish their work on the remaining bills and adjourn by that time.

The resulting 81-day session would be the quickest since the 1968 Legislature adjourned in just 74 days, according to Arizona Capitol Times records.

Biggs says there aren’t that many pieces of legislation remaining to merit extending the session beyond Easter weekend.

“We are moving rapidly,” Biggs said. “Both sides are committed to wrapping it up as soon as possible.”

House Speaker David Gowan didn’t commit to an adjournment date, saying only “soon.”

The remaining bills include a series of election overhaul and school voucher measures along with Gov. Doug Ducey’s request for a new inspector general who would report directly to him and be tasked with investigating waste, fraud and abuse of public resources.

* * *

The Legislature passed a $9.1 billion budget bill on March 7 and it was signed days later by Ducey. Biggs said it was time for lawmakers to go home.

“I think Mark Twain once said no one’s safe while the Legislature’s in session — I do think there are some meritorious aspects to that,” Biggs said. “We’ve done the people’s business, we’ve had a chance to vet the bills, let’s get done and get out of here.”

This is the “witching hour” when bad things happen late at night or in the wee hours of the morning when not even the media is there to watch what they are doing. You have to watch these guys like a hawk.

You know what to do.

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