KYRSTEN STICKS WITH MITCH: McConnell Tries Again To Ignore Shutdown


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to ignore the government shutdown again tonight, forcing Senators to again vote on closing debate on S.1 – a measure that weaves together various Mideast-related measures. Each of the three times, he has fallen farther short of the 60 votes needed to move to a vote; each of the three times, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema has been one of the handful of Democrats to vote with the GOP.

The cloture motion failed tonight, 50-43 and Sinema was joined by Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Doug Jones (D-AL). (Menendez switched his vote to “nay.”) The first two votes last week are here.

Besides bucking a Democratic call to not proceed with other legislative business until McConnell allows a new vote on measures to fund the government (without funding President Trumps border wall), Sinema has angered some supporters because S.1 includes an anti-BDS measure that Palestinian supporters and the ACLU oppose. Sinema told Arizona’s Politics last week that “I support these bills, and I believe most Arizonans do, too.”

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  1. The anti BDS measure is so blatantly unconstitutional it is embarrassing. They have a version of it in Arizona applying to the State, local government and school district procurements. Also nonsensical and unconstitutional. Sinema will disappoint frequently on these type of votes. I am not even debating the idea of BDS In Israel’s case. But the idea the government can stifle unpopular speech through the procurement code reviewing private vendor’s political speech should be offensive to everyone.

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