Skanky Booth Babes


Posted by Bob Lord

Okay, David was kinder and showed better taste than I. Here's another sample from Booth Babes.


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Bob Lord
Bob is a tax and business lawyer who had given up on politics until deciding to run for Congress in 2008 (CD3), when he tried to unseat John Shadegg. He since has returned to his law practice and golf addiction. Bob has been writing for Blog For Arizona since late 2011, concentrating mostly on federal issues, with an occasional foray into Arizona state politics.


  1. Yikes. What have you done to this blog? Liberal (and natural) is so much prettier. Sorry-I couldn’t resist.

    Now that women can serve in combat positions, I’m sure the “babes” pictured will be rushing to enlist and join their patriotic male counterparts.

  2. I hope these women were paid well for prostituting themselves to the NRA.

    Altogether now…
    Happiness is a warm gun. (bang bang shoot shoot)