SNL: Weekly presidential address re: tax compromise

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Heather at breaks it down. SNL: Obama's Stockholm Syndrome, Embrace of Reaganomics and Turn to Full Birther:

Looks like Saturday Night Live is getting in on the act with going after President Obama for caving and making deals with Republicans who insisted on keeping their tax cuts for the rich no matter how badly our economy might suffer for it. SNL had him claiming he was literally taken hostage for three days by the Republicans, saying he now suffers from Stockholm Syndrome and praising tax cuts for the rich as the "best part of the bill" after seeing the error of his ways in captivity.

They then had him quoting Rush Limbaugh on job creation, knocking "San Francisco Nancy" Pelosi and saying the voters "overwhelmingly rejected Democrats and their San Francisco values and their class warfare politics."

They finished up with having him defend Bristol Palin and her loss on Dancing with the Stars, saying he'd be joining Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly on tour and finally going full birther on himself.

It might have been funny if it weren't so pitifully close to the truth…

It's all in fun to have fun at Obama's expense, but everyone — in particular the feckless media — needs to focus on the reality of what is really going on here: a political party that is 'A Bunch Of Gangsters' is holding America's unemployed hostage to extort tax breaks for their masters, the über-rich "two percenters," who are waging an insurrection against the American people. And that's not funny at all.

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