For full statewide results go to Arizona Secretary of State website,  Pima County additional results at  Prop 205 (marijuana) is losing, Prop. 206 (minimum wage) is winning.

Listed below are unofficial results for Congressional Districts 1, 2, 3, Arizona Senate & House races in Southern Arizona, Pima County races, Pima Community College and  Tucson Unified School District Governing Board.


UPDATES:  Close races in LD 2 House, LD 10 House, TUSD Governing Board (for 3rd seat). See info below.  Looks like LD 2 House race is decided.

CD 1 House (open seat)

Paul Babeu (R)  90,101

Tom O’Halleran (D)  109,001

Parrish, Ray (G) 11,968

CD 2 House

Dr. Matt Heinz (D)  113,715

Martha McSally (R), incumbent  149,184

CD 3 House

Raul Grijalva (D), incumbent  106,466

 LD 2 Senate

Andrea Dalessandro (D) incumbent  29,783

Shelley Kais (R)  21,813

 LD 2 House (2 seats) – updated, gap is widening

Chris Ackerley (R), incumbent  25,689

Rosanna Gabaldon (D), incumbent  29,056

Daniel Hernandez Jr. (D)  28,635

 LD 3 Senate

Olivia Cajero Bedford (D) incumbent  37,792

 LD 3 House (2 seats)

Edward “Trey” Cizek III (G)  7,928

Sally Gonzales (D), incumbent  32,542

Macario Saldate (D), incumbent  25,118

 LD 9 Senate 

Steve Farley (D) incumbent  56,717

 LD 9 House (2 seats, one open)

Dr.Randy Friese (D), incumbent  43,287

Pam Powers Hannley (D)  38,295

Ana Henderson (R) 34,690

 LD 10 Senate

David Bradley (D) incumbent  41,572

Randall Phelps (R)  35,518

 LD 10 House (2 seats, one open)  TOO CLOSE TO CALL — MAY HAVE TO RECOUNT – updated

Todd Clodfelter (R)  40,011

Kirsten Engel (D)  40,350

Stefanie Mach (D), incumbent  39,831

 LD 11 Senate

Ralph Atchue (D)  30,973

Steve Smith (R), incumbent  44,444

 LD 11 House (2 seats)

Mark Finchem (R), incumbent  39,573

Corin Hammond (D)  32,494

Vince Leach (R), incumbent  36,972

 LD 14 Senate

Jaime Alvarez (D)  28, 310

Gail Griffin (R) incumbent  47,266

LD 14 House (2 seats – open)

Mike Holmes (D)  24,840

Drew John (R)   43,854

Jason Lindstrom (D)  24,225

Becky Nutt (R)  41,998

Pima County offices:


Suzanne Droubie (I) 106,089

Bill Staples (D), incumbent  188,950


Barbara LaWall (D), incumbent  202,828

Cyndi Tuell (G)  86,825


Mike Cease (G)  65,020

F. Ann Rodriguez (D), incumbent  231,241

School Superintendent (open seat)

Margaret Buckholder (R)  150,674

Dustin Williams (D) 161,719


Chris Nanos (D), incumbent  142,163

Mark Napier (R)  183,078

Supervisor D 1

Brian Bickel (D)  42,031

Ally Miller (R), incumbent  48,342

Supervisor D 2

Ramon Valadez (D), incumbent  32,997

 Supervisor D 3

Sharon Bronson (D), incumbent  29,704

Kim DeMarco (R)  27,480

Supervisor D 4 (open seat)

Steve Christy (R)  58,670

Josh Riley (G)  21,812

Supervisor D 5

Martin Bastidas (G)  9255

Richard Elias (D), incumbent  34,457


Beth Ford (R), incumbent  254,573

Pima Community College Governing Board, District 5 (one seat)

Martha Durkin, incumbent  15,596

Luis Gonzales  18,270

Francis Saitta   3549

 TUSD Governing Board (3 seats, nonpartisan) — updated

Kristel Foster, incumbent  47,545

Cam Juarez, incumbent 40,145

Betts Putnam-Hidalgo  43,105

Lori Riegel  36,678

Brett Rustand 42,013

Rachael Sedgwick  43,938

Mark Stegeman, incumbent  50,698

Stegeman, Foster, and Sedgwick leading at 1 p.m. Nov. 9 (updated).  Sedgwick has lead of 1067 over Putnam-Hidalgo, still in 4th place.

Stay tuned for updates for the close races (i.e TUSD School Bd., LD 2 House, LD 10 House), and counting of provisional ballots. I will likely update only if there is a change in who’s leading/winning.

UPDATE: Nov. 9, 1 p.m. Todd Clodfelter (R) in lead now in LD 10 House by 230 votes over incumbent Stefanie Mach (D)with Kirsten Engel (D) also 230 votes ahead of Clodfelter; unchanged/same status in LD 2 House, TUSD Board as to who’s leading.

UPDATE: Nov. 10  7 p.m. Todd Clodfelter ahead by 180 votes over Mach.  LD 2 House race gap is widening in favor of Hernandez Jr.; TUSD Board unchanged, just more ballots counted.