So. Arizona primary races of note


The Arizona Primary will be on Tues. Aug. 30 this year, here’s some notable primaries to watch/follow and vote wisely in:

Pima County:

—Pima County Attorney (D primary)
Incumbent Barbara LaWall vs. challenger Joel Feinman; no R challenger;
Green candidate Cyndi Tuell in the General
—Pima County Assessor (D primary)
Incumbent Bill Staples vs. challenger Brian Johnson; no R candidate;
Independent candidate Suzanne Droubie in the General
—Pima County Sheriff (R primary)
Republican challengers Mark Napier vs. Terry Staten
to face off with incumbent Democrat Sheriff Chris Nanos in the General
—Pima County Supervisor District 1 (D primary and R primary)
Democrats Brian Bickel vs. Jeff Farrell (update – Farrell has been disqualified, no primary)
to face off with either incumbent Supervisor Ally Miller (R)
or her challenger John Winchester in the General
—Pima County Supervisor District 4  (R primary)
Open seat – Ray Carroll (R) retiring:
Republicans seeking seat are John Backer, Steve Christy, Marla Closen; no D candidate;
Green candidate Josh Riley in the General
—Pima County School Superintendent (D primary)
Open seat – Linda Arzoumanian (R) retiring:
Democrats Michael Gordy vs. Dustin Williams;
to face Republican Margaret Buckholder in the General
State House:
LD 2 (D)
Baumann, Aaron
Gabaldon, Rosanna (incumbent)
Hernandez Jr., Daniel
2 to face off with incumbent Rep. Chris Ackerley (R) in the General
LD 9 (D)
Friese, Randy (incumbent)
Hannley, Pam Powers
Kopec, Matt (incumbent)
2 to face off with R challenger Ana Henderson in General
LD 10 (D)
Engel, Kirsten
Frogge, Courtney
Mach, Stefanie (incumbent)
(open seat: Incumbent Bruce Wheeler retiring)
2 to face off with  R challenger Todd Clodfelter in General
Arizona Citizens Clean Election Commission hosting debates in June for LD 2, LD 9 and LD 10. See our Calendar for details.


    • Right you are — having trouble spelling some of these newcomer names. Sorry. Corrected my comment below.

  1. District 1 Supervisor race: Brian Bickel just informed me that his opponent Jeff Farrell was disqualified for lack of signatures by the Court on Friday. So there will be no D primary in this race.

  2. As for the TUSD and other nonpartisan school board races, we don’t have the final candidate list as yet, since the filing deadline is August 10. Stay tuned for my report on who’s running for TUSD Governing Board, but the list will be long as usual. So far I know that the 3 incumbents are running: Kristel Foster, Cam Juarez, Mark Stegeman and the challengers are likely to be three who have run before: Don Cotton, Betts Putnam-Hidalgo and Francis Saitta, joined by political newcomers Lori Riegel, Rachael Sedgwick, and Brett Rustand.

  3. “—Pima County Attorney (D primary) Incumbent Barbara LaWall vs. challenger Joel Feinman”

    A new face in needed in the DA’s office. Who you elect as your top prosecutor/DA/County Attorney matters. It’s time for BARBARA LAWALL TO GO!

    A prosecutor’s job is to seek fair justice, and not convictions at all cost. Yet, in Arizona, we’ve seen top prosecutors disbarred or sanctioned for abuse of power, and nothing done to restore the integrity of those offices and the justice system, or look into the cases for wrongful convictions.

    The DA’s/County Attorneys/prosecutors have NO oversight, NO transparency and NO accountability. And the prosecutors have absolute immunity. Who else has wields that much power? Ripe for abuse of power. The arrogant prosecutors we witness displayed at the legislature, and who control the courtrooms, should be enough to call for a “balanced” justice system, instead of one stacked with all the resources and “tools” for “easy” convictions all stacked on one side. Wake up folks this is your justice system.
    A prosecutor determines who goes to prison and for how long; a prosecutor determine who shall live and who shall die. If your life or that of a loved one was in their hands, who would you elect?

    Who is getting the wrongfully convicted and wrongfully imprisoned out of Arizona’s Pandora’s Box where all their incompetence, malfeasance and over-zealous prosecutions are hidden?

    How many exonerations has the Pima County Conviction Integrity Unit had? If there are none, why not? How are those CIU Federal $$$’s being spent?

    Meanwhile, the National Exoneration Registry has grown to over 1,800 innocent people who spent decades in prison for crimes they never committed or did not even happen. Where are Arizona’s wrongful convictions? Why is no one investigating this?

    We’ve witnessed the prosecutors and especially Barbara LaWall fight against against meaningful reform of Arizona’s draconian sentencing and criminal laws that would have saved innocent lives, and families, and hundreds of millions of taxpayers $$$’s, and not jeopardized safety. Instead, LaWall angrily fought against the people — taxpayers who pay her salary and benefits. the people in packed hearing rooms, during the former House Rep. Cecil Ash’s Sentencing Committee hearings. Living at the state Capitol like “prosecutor-lobbyists” paid for by the taxpayers.

    It’s time to kick out entrenched power in the prosecutors/County Attorney’s offices in Pima and Maricopa County (and they can take their sheriffs joined-at-the-hip along with them.)

    It’s time for TERM LIMITS for County Attorneys.

    It’s time for Barbara LaWall to go!

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