2016 Arizona Primary results – Southern AZ (updated)


Arizona Primary 2016 was held today. Polls closed at 7 p.m.

I’m only reporting on some of the contested primary election races for the Arizona primary in Southern Arizona . More info on other races statewide at www.azsos.gov and locally at  www.pima.gov/elections.

Congressional District 2 House (Democrats)

Dr. Matt Heinz     31,369

Victoria Steele       28,013

Legislative District 2 House (Democrats, 2 seats)

Aaron Baumann      5420

Rosanna Gabaldon, incumbent    6955

Daniel Hernandez Jr.    6344

Legislative District 9 House (Democrats, 2 seats)

Dr. Randy Friese, incumbent   14,782

Pam Powers Hannley              11,426

Matt Kopec, incumbent           8841

Legislative District 10 House (Democrats, 2 seats)

Kirsten Engel    11,468

Courtney Frogge   10,735

Stefanie Mach, incumbent   12,459

Legislative District 14 House (Republicans, 2 seats)

Dennis Barger     5706

Drew John     12,458

Becky Nutt    13,565

Anthony Sizer  9134


Pima County offices:

Assessor (Democrats)

Brian Johnson      27,716

Bill Staples, incumbent   46,871

Attorney (Democrats)

Joel Feinman     35,608

Barbara LaWall, incumbent   47,164

School Superintendent (Democrats)

Michael Gordy    30,390

Dustin Williams   40,040

Sheriff (Republicans)

Mark Napier    49,776

Terry Staten    26,625

District 1 Supervisor (Republicans)

Ally Miller, incumbent    15,991

John Winchester            11,891

District 4 Supervisor (Republicans)

John Backer    2291

Steve Christy   14,706

Marla Closen    9750

Updates will be posted, as needed tonight or tomorrow for the close races, pending processing of  provisional ballots, as usual.  Voter turnout statewide was only 24%.

Congratulations to the winners of these primary races.


    • Yes, Pam had tried to be appointed to the LD 9 House seat in January. She and incumbent Dr. Friese now face off with Republican challenger Ana Henderson in the General election.

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