So Long, Rex


How many dogs make it into their third decade?

I’ve only known one: our terrier, Rex. Rex passed his 20th birthday last year and was going strong. I had just commented how he’d probably be around another 5 years.

I had looked up the longest-lived dogs in the Guinness Book. There were 20 or so of them. If we could prove his birthdate, and if we cared, Rex could have cracked the list. He would have been towards the bottom, but still.

We should all be as lucky as Rex. When he succumbed, it was over within 24 hours. Just yesterday we had taken him for a walk with the rest of our dog pack. We should all be so lucky. If we were, the country’s health care problems would be solved.

He wasn’t the nicest dog ever, that’s for sure. His mannerisms were beyond annoying. And he had this blood curdling yelp when he was outside and wanted in. When he was younger he was lightening fast and used his speed to torment other dogs by running around them in circles.

Just the same, we’ll miss him.


  1. So sorry to hear of this loss of your family. I had to put my 14 year old Great Dane last July….what a great life. I’m certain Rex thought his life with you and your family was great, too. I hope you always smile when you think of him. Bet he’s playing with a big ole beautiful love of a Great Dane…

  2. We had a crotchety Chihuahua Poodle mix make it to nearly 17 so I can relate. RIP Rex.

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