So what happened in the Senate Elections Committee?


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

So what happened in the Senate Elections Committee on Tuesday? Hint, you won't find it in your newspaer, I looked.

SCR 1003 (.pdf), which would refer a legislative ballot measure to the ballot that requires "the reauthorization of statewide initiative and referendum measures that create funds for public monies, dedicate public monies to a specific purpose or otherwise effect state General Fund (GF) revenues or expenditures," was held in committee.

SB 1344 (.pdf), which would strips the voter-enacted Citizens Clean Elections Commission of any jurisidiction from accepting, investigating or acting on complaints of campaign contribution and expense violations by non-participating candidates for statewide or legislative office, was also held in committee.

SB 1403 (.pdf), Sen. Michele Reagan's half-measure to introduce some transparency into "dark money" campaign finance disclosures, was also held in committee.

SB 1232 (.pdf), which would "require circulators who are not residents of this state (non-residents) and paid petition circulators to register with the Secretary of State (SOS) prior to circulating petitions and prescribes circulator registration information," passed with a "do pass" recommendation 5-0, with two absent. This was an element of HB 2305.

Your tax dollars at work.