So whatever happened with that Nathan Sproul voter registration fraud case in Florida?


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Funny you should ask. Steve Benen has the latest developments. GOP election fraud reported in Florida:

By every possible measure, [ claims of voter fraud] have been wildly and
laughably exaggerated, but when evidence of fraud does appear, more
often than not, it seems to involve Republican wrongdoing (thanks to my colleague Will Femia for the tip).

Two employees of a company once aligned with the Republican Party of
Florida admitted to law-enforcement authorities that they forged voter
registration forms.

It's the first result in a far-reaching voter fraud investigation
that was launched last fall — and initiated at the urging of the party
after election supervisors started flagging questionable applications.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement reported Tuesday that the
two ex-employees were charged with a third degree felony. But
prosecutors back in January decided to place both of them on probation
because neither has a criminal history.

Remember, this isn't an isolated criminal matter. On the contrary, it's part of a much larger controversy.

this case, the two Republicans accused of election fraud worked for
Strategic Allied Consulting. Why does Strategic Allied Consulting sound
familiar? It's the company owned by Nathan Sproul — the Republican
consultant with a lengthy record
of scandals and accusations of fraud, who nevertheless won a lucrative
contract to oversee the RNC's 2012 voter-registration efforts in swing

The L.A. Times reported
last fall that Sproul "created Strategic Allied Consulting at the
request of the Republican National Committee because of the bad
publicity stemming from the past allegations."
Regardless, the RNC got
stuck with the company and was forced to scrap all of its registration drives in swing states in September when local officials in multiple states found that Strategic Allied employees were allegedly committing registration fraud.

more, note that yesterday's news does not end the story — there are
several other cases and other Strategic Allied employees being
investigated by Florida law enforcement

Why the RNC contracted with Sproul's firm despite years of allegations of suspected fraud still remains unclear.

And why he is still in business in Arizona also remains unclear.

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