So what’s it going to be, Guv? Yes or no?


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Governor Jan Brewer's publicity agent for her crappy book Scorpions for Breakfast, Howard Fischer of Capitol Media Services, frequently inserts into his reporting the reminder that "The governor said she remains convinced that, despite a constitutional provision, she can run for what would be a third term. 'I have not made up my decision,'' she said."

Lame-Duck1Almost a year ago, Brewer's Secretary of State, Ken "Birther" Bennett, also a GOP candidate for governor in 2014, argued that Governor Brewer is constitutionally prohibited from running again. Howard Fischer reported, Brewer can't run again in 2014, Bennett says:

The state's chief election officer said Monday that his interpretation of state law is that Republican Jan Brewer's reign as governor must end in January 2015, no matter what she and her lawyer say.

Secretary of State Ken Bennett said he understands Brewer believes that the two years she spent finishing off Democrat Janet Napolitano's term do not count toward the two-term limit voters mandated in 1992.

Brewer, elected in her own right at the 2010 election, is saying she could run again in 2014 if she wants, although she has not yet decided if she will.

* * *

Bennett sidestepped a question of whether he would take legal action to keep Brewer off the ballot should she seek the nomination.

So what's it going to be, Guv? Yes or no? Time is short for you to have enough time to get a constitutional challenge to term limts before the Arizona Supreme Court and to qualify for the GOP primary filing deadline in May.

There's nothing the political community would find more entertaining than a court battle and a bloody GOP primary.