Some Amazing Flakery on Background Checks

Yesterday I called the Tucson office of Senator Jeff Flake. I told the
staffer, I wanted to let y’all know that even though it’s
been almost four weeks, people still remember that Senator Flake
filibustered the
most basic gun reform bill. She immediately interrupted me,
"I’d just like to clarify one point: He did vote for cloture."

I said, Look, on the vote that mattered, Senator
Flake supported the filibuster.
Again she interrupted:

"I’d just like to clarify one point: He did vote for cloture."

I said, Stop lying to me. That’s not a clarification,
that’s a deception. I am aware that there were preliminary votes
where he did not bother to filibuster, and I am aware he promised a
group of
Sandy Hook
survivors that he would not filibuster … but on April 17th, on the
last vote the Senate took, on the vote that derailed the effort, he
filibustered. It’s a matter of
public record. He didn’t just vote against it. He didn’t just vote
to water it down. He blocked it from coming up for a majority vote.
Background checks are supported by more than 90% of the citizens.
Without the filibuster, the bill would have passed. Senator
McCain voted one
way, and
Senator Flake voted the other way. He even talked about it
on his
… so why do you object when I say the same thing?

"But he did vote for cloture."

I said, Look, lady, you must think the voters are really
stupid. You must think I’m too stupid to remember how things went
down … but I do remember, and I’m going to make sure all my friends
remember. At first I thought Jeff Flake was incompetent, doing
ridiculous things by accident. Now it’s obvious y’all know exactly
what you’re doing. It’s selfish, it’s corrupt, it’s evil, and it’s
shameful. He’s been in office less than a year, but he’s already
managed to become the
#1 most unpopular member in the US Senate. That’s not easy to do,
but he earned it.