Some nice men are planning a meetup in Tucson and Phoenix arranged by a man who advocates legalizing rape. No big whoop.


Followers of a character calling himself Roosh V, a self-styled “pick up artist” (PUA) with, um, interesting opinions of women are planning to hold meetups across the world, including in Phoenix and Tucson.

Here are the instructions to would-be rape aficionados who would like to attend (screen-shotted below):

rofk screenshot

rofk screenshot 1

Just FYI


  1. Roosh has since cancelled the event, seems his gang of rapists got scared.

    Putting fear into the hearts of rapists.

    Sometimes America gets it right.

  2. one, the illustration accompanying the article is absolutely spot on for this bunch of wannabe toughs, who would crap their pants and run away if ever faced with a real person with a sword.

    second, if that’s the statue I think it is, I will confess that as a wayward youth (I lived in the Euclid Apartments just up the street, and it was between my apartment and Gentle Ben’s as well as other haunts) I was one of the wags constantly stocking Father Kino’s hands with empty beer cans…

  3. If you’re not familiar with the PickUp Artist folks, here’s the short version: they believe that women are here to have sex with them. Women who deny them sex are evil, and get what they have coming to them.

    They’re tiny little men, whiny, scared of women, and I suspect most of them still live at home with mom.

    To fully describe how sad, offensive, and in a lot of ways dangerous these little creeps are is beyond a simple blog comment.

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