Sometimes Calling It Right Sucks


Posted by Bob Lord

One month ago, I wrote a post entitled Prediction: Zimmerman Walks.

I wish I'd been wrong, and actually thought at the conclusion of the trial that I would be. I had felt the beyond a reasonable doubt standard was to high a hurdle to be overcome in the face of a botched investigation, the lack of any eye witnesses, and Florida's stand your ground law. 

On a superficial level, especially if you consider the defense's closing argument featuring the "reasonable doubt thermometer," my reasoning appeared to be spot on, but I actually think my reasoning was besides the point. The reason Zimmerman walked here had less to do with the evidence, Florida's screwed up law, and reasonable doubt than it did with the composition of the jury — all white.

Because I actually got it wrong. I didn't think the prosecution would be able to prove its case. But they did. 

Is this verdict proof we still have a race problem in America? Absolutely. 

Want further proof? Consider the speculation about whether the "Black Community" will be out in the streets over the verdict. How come the speculation isn't over whether we'll all be out in the streets? Why should it be okay for me to any less outraged over this verdict than a member of the Black community? In a "post-racial society," it wouldn't be.