Sorry, Millennials


Sorry, millennials, about my fellow boomers. They’ve lost their minds. The generation that had the courage to stand up for civil rights and against the Vietnam War is now on the verge of imposing upon you a horrific choice between two of its own: one, a violence-loving racist; the other, a bank-owned, war-mongering free trader.

But despair not. In not too many years, boomers will begin to die off in large numbers and, as that occurs, their voting power will wane. You may lose a parent or two in the process, but the greater good will be served.

As you take the main stage, however, remember that the generation which lost its collective mind used to have its collective head screwed on very straight. Don’t let history repeat itself, okay?


  1. lower the voting age to 12 and you might get bernie elected. just change the spelling a little bit. barney. all of these millennials were raised on barney. that big cute purple people eater. they have been brainwashed since birth. all you are doing is electing donald trump who is about as one percent as they come.

  2. You say bank-owned war-mongering free trader like it’s a bad thing. Clinton may not be your ideal candidate, but don’t throw her in with the likes of Trump.

    There aren’t great choices, but when it comes to politics there are rarely great candidates.

    • It IS a bad thing. Clinton is NOT just any old average politician. You don’t amass a personal fortune of $45 million simply from a lifetime of public service.

      There’s already been far too much quid pro quo going on in her career. Don’t rationalize giving her the most powerful elected position on the planet.

  3. Oh stop with the hair on fire. Really? Is this what it’s come down to? You really want a President Trump, keep doing this mess. I thought you were bigger than this. It’s disappointing.

    • There’s a regular writer on this site that has been known to create smears on Bernie out of thin air, often using twisted logic to paint Bernie supporters as bad people.

      There’s a lot of feelings attached to this primary, we’ll all meet up at the bar after one of them wins and I’ll buy the first round.

      • Don’t be so sure about that.

        There’s still bad blood between supporters of certain 2010 AZ Democratic US Senate candidates… 6 years later.

        Yes, there is one or two Hillary supporters who contribute hateful things on B4AZ about Bernie. That’s not going away after the nomination is determined, regardless of whether Hillary succeeds in stealing it.

        • A 6 year feud! Ouch!

          Well, if the Bernie haters get their way, I hope they’re gracious enough to admit their mistake when HRC starts dropping bombs on brown people and we’re all homeless after she bails out Wall Street from their next mess.

          I’m going to the bar anyway.

  4. As a Gen Xer I have never been impressed with how boomers seem to talk themselves up when it comes to social change. Let’s remember that it was the WW2 generation that elected FDR, Kennedy, LBJ. They passed Civil Rights legislation and approved of the great society. If we want to talk about the Presidency all I have ever seen from my parents gen is Nixon, Reagan, Bush, And W. Including multiple wars and the destabilization of our futures while reaping the benefits of their parents sacrafices. So this election cycle shows all of results of decades of boomers voting habits.

    • Hey, my apology was to millennials, not Gen Xers. You all have no room to throw blame around here.

      And, by the way, Nixon was not the fault of boomers. We hated Nixon, but were too young to vote. The voting age back then was 21. Only the very oldest boomers could vote in the ’68 election.

      • Im not throwing the blame around. Every generation has made a positive impact on our country in their own way. As an American generation as a whole we are all to blame. My point on my post goes back to action over words. I have listened to boomers talk and talk about how they changed the world and thats great as they did a lot of great things. However, None see the problems they caused politically along the way. The excesses of the 70s, the greed of the 80s, speculation of the 90s and the bust of the 2000s. Yes Xers had a part in the latter too but our political clout is so much less then the generations we are stuck between. I hope millenials will be smarter. I know my kids give me hope as they vote in their fist presidental election this year.

        • Perhaps, but Gen X fell for the Reagan BS hook, line and sinker. When I went to Homecoming in 1984 we saw a sea of Reagan-Bush buttons. I don’t think I knew anyone who voted Republican when I was in college a decade earlier. When I ran for Congress in 2007-8, it was the folks in their 30’s and 40’s at the time, Gen Xers, who were most impossible to reach. This attitude was captured in the show Family Ties starring Michael J. Fox.

          • Bob, your statements regarding the political proclivities of Generation X are simply not supported by the facts. The January 29, 2015 analysis from Gallup ( shows that Baby Boomers (defined by Gallup as born 1946-1964) are actually MORE conservative than Generation X (defined by Gallup as born 1965-1979). Gallup shows that Baby Boomers are net 9 percent MORE self-identified conservative than Generation X. Further, you need to remember that Generation X could not even vote in 1980, and only those Generation X born from 1965-1966 could even vote in 1984, since everyone born in 1967 or later could not vote in 1984. I suspect the Reagan-Bush buttons you saw in your 1984 Homecoming were not from Generation X (which would then be between 5 and 19 and probably were not in college when you attended), but Baby Boomers who had already started moving in a more conservative direction.

          • There are varying definitions for when the baby boom ended and when Gen X began. Most that I’ve seen place it in 1961 or 1962. Some peg it to the Kennedy assassination. Yes, some support your assertion that it was 1965, but not many.

            As for self-identification among boomers and Gen Xers, self-identification grows more conservative as we age, so using that metric to compare boomers to Gen Xers makes little sense, as boomers are 15 years or so older than Gen Xers. It’s totally an apples to oranges comparison. You could have figured that part out just by knowing how liberal boomers were in their college years.

            Just so you know, I consider these to be small points that don’t really add much to the discussion. It seems you made your comment more to show me up than anything else. I don’t really appreciate it. Comment here as much as you want in the future, but I’m not going to respond in the future.

  5. Bob it is what it is. Tom hayden and activist when we were young donald and hillary now that we are old. The silent majority of our age strikes back!

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