Sorry, Thucydidees is not Okay


This is a short one.

Our friend, John Huppenthal, has taken to commenting under a pseudonym again. This time, Thucydidees, an intentional misspelling of Thucydides.

I’ve made an executive decision here, at least for purposes of my posts. If John wants to comment using a pseudonym, he can do so, but it has to be “Thucky.” That’s the name we know him by here.

Fair enough?


    • He was posting under his own name, but insisted on posting irrelevant material repeatedly, which caused me to mark a comment as spam, which I think may have cut him off from using his own name. Who knows? And who really cares? I enjoy the back and forth with those who disagree with me generally, but he just throws garbage out there. There’s no value in his comments.

  1. But it’s ok if robots like Gosar, a public official, can censor those who don’t agree with him in social media

  2. Oo0o, drew some blood did I????? It only hurts to be called dishonest and unethical if you know it to be true Bobby boy.

    It is so ironic and delicious that you are the centerfold for Bernie’s ignorance and hypocrisy fest.

    A tax lawyer, one of the tapeworms, the maggots, the hookworms of society – feeding off and contributing to bad policy.

    When ignorant policymakers like Bernie increase tax rates above the revenue-maximizing tax rate, the parasites of the public policy world move in to cash in.

    After Reagan, the entire tax lawyer business crashed by billions of dollars of deductions.

    We still have entire areas of tax policy where no revenue is raised, just billions by tax lawyers. Nobody pays inheritance tax anymore but tax lawyers sure reap a bonanza setting up trusts at $10,000 a wack.

    Tell us bobby, how many tax lawyers are there? What are their revenues? How much do they reduce the tax rates of the rich? Just how much do the maggots eat out of our substance?

    How much are you willing to intellectually whore yourself out to keep your revenues coming in strong?

    Let’s make a list of every intellectual lie and research corruption that you are willing to peddle in the name of influence, being hip and cashing in.

    1. Picketty’s quote “all modern economies grow about the same rate.” Central to his calculation of an 80% revenue-maximizing tax rate. Since when has Europe’s growth been in the same universe as the U.S. after Reagan’s tax rate cut?

    2. Backing up that lie are an endless stream of alternative realities. a) That our aging population explains the economic malaise under Obama. Look at the workforce participation numbers. The labor force participation of 55 and older rises 11 percentage points while the 16 to 19 yrs plunges 20 points and you blame the malaise on the aging of the workforce.
    b) the top 1% used to pay 93% in the 1950’s. wake up buddy, the top 1% paid 17% in the 50’s. nobody pays 93% tax rates. they are just a joke to raise money for tax lawyers and turn people into criminals

    the list of your frauds and hypocrisies goes on and on and on

    On Thursday, my all minority all at-risk class of students did 22,678 math problems correctly, an average of 986 each. Seven new theories of memory, motivation, and education at play. Thomas Jefferson said that we all are equal, it will be John Huppenthal who makes it so. I am no more than four years away from getting that 22,000 math problems to be the perfect 22,000 math problems every day and moving on to reading.

    Your claim to fame will be that you slowed me down.

    • It’s not a matter of censorship. Huppenthal/Thucydides/Thucydidees/Falcon9, or whatever changing pseudonym he’s using these days, is not being censored, the fact the clown continues to post here is proof of that. Is changing you pseudonym from Captain Arizona to censored and still being able to post your thoughts here censorship? If so, that’s a pretty wide definition.

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