Southern Az legislative races of note for General Election, 2016

CD 2 House

Dr. Matt Heinz (D) vs. Congresswoman Martha McSally (R)

CD 3 House

Congressman Raul Grijalva (D), incumbent, unopposed

LD 2 Senate

Andrea Dalessandro (D) incumbent vs. Shelley Kais (R)

LD 2 House (2 seats)

Chris Ackerley (R), incumbent

Rosanna Galdaldon (D), incumbent

Daniel Hernandez Jr. (D)

LD 3 Senate

Olivia Cajero Bedford (D) incumbent,  unopposed

LD 3 House (2 seats)

Edward “Trey” Cizek III (G)

Sally Gonzales (D), incumbent

Macario Saldate (D), incumbent

LD 9 Senate 

Steve Farley (D) incumbent , unopposed

LD 9 House (2 seats, one open)

Dr.Randy Friese (D), incumbent

Pam Powers Hannley (D)

Ana Henderson (R)

LD 10 Senate

David Bradley (D) incumbent vs. Randall Phelps (R)

LD 10 House (2 seats, one open)

Todd Clodfelter (R)

Kirsten Engel (D)

Stefanie Mach (D), incumbent

LD 11 Senate

Steve Smith (R) incumbent vs. Ralph Atchue (D)

LD 11 House (2 seats)

Mark Finchem (R), incumbent

Corin Hammond (D)

Vince Leach (R), incumbent

LD 14 Senate

Gail Griffin (R) incumbent vs. Jaime Alvarez (D)

LD 14 House (2 seats – open)

Mike Holmes (D)

Drew John (R)

Jason Lindstrom (D)

Becky Nutt (R)

Check our Calendar listings for upcoming Arizona Citizens Clean Election Commission debates for the contested state races. The LD 2 one is next week on September 27.  LD 14 debate is on September 28.

Vote wisely on or before Nov. 8, 2016. Early voting starts Oct. 12.

As to Pima County races, here’s the General election list:

Pima County races in the General Election 2016

2 responses to “Southern Az legislative races of note for General Election, 2016

  1. Carolyn Classen

    I already have covered the Pima County races right after the AZ Primary, and mentioned those Green Party candidates. Don’t really have time to cover the JP and Constable races. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    Are you going to cover County election races also? The Green Party of Pima County is fielding 6 candidates for County offices on the General Election ballot in 2016:

    2016 GREEN Candidates
    US President:
    Jill Stein

    AZ State House District 3:
    Trey Cizek

    Pima Co. Attorney:
    Cyndi Tuell

    Pima Co. Recorder:
    Mike Cease

    Pima Co. Board of Supervisor District 4:
    Josh Reilly

    Pima Co. Board of Supervisor District 5:
    Martin Bastidas

    Pima Co. Justice of the Peace Judicial District 9:
    Nancy Knox-Bierman

    Pima Co. Constable Justice of the Peace Judicial District 4:
    Beryl Baker

    Mike Cease
    GPPC Chairperson